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Emergency Escape and Rescue Solutions

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Escape & Rescue: How to increase workers‘ safety

Imagine this: an estimated 65 000 people died due to technological events between 2009-2018, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)1. In most cases, such an event refers to a chemical incident like the uncontrolled release of a toxic substance that can cause harm to the environment and people alike.

Regarding workers’ safety, it is fair to say that some workplaces are more dangerous than others. Nevertheless, being responsible for health and safety, you have to ensure that every employee returns home safe and sound at the end of the day, even in emergency situations. Protecting human life and health is fundamental to our operations at Dräger: Whether developing a company emergency plan, training your employees or providing them with the necessary equipment. This is why we are part of the global Vision Zero Initiative.

You cannot prevent the unpredictable, but you can manage it. Here is how:

Do you have a proper plan to get your people home safely?

Examine your existing emergency preparedness plan to ensure it matches the current conditions and hazards. Be sure that a suitable emergency escape plan is in place. Check that both are complete and up to date.


Dräger’s safety & emergency management – an investment like no other

Whether in the industry or the service sector, whether in a medium-sized company or a large multinational corporation, professional safety & emergency management is vital for workers’ safety. With the right partner as Dräger at your side, the investment in safety pays off, and you can fully focus on all your other tasks.

Dräger Services: Safety & Emergency Management

Our professional safety and emergency management helps you be well prepared - even in an emergency. This brochure overviews our holistic services around safety consulting and training, tailored to your needs.

How to handle risks

Identifying hazards and assessing risks is key to developing a sound rescue and emergency escape plan. Be prepared to evaluate the impact of potential incidents through regular workplace risk assessments. This matrix will help you assess risk by classifying injury potential in relation to the probability of occurrence.


Safety and Emergency Management

There are many good reasons to implement a safety and emergency management system.


Our Vision Zero initiative

Dräger as your partner for working towards zero

Are your people equipped in the best possible way?

Review the situation of your emergency and escape equipment. Validate whether escape respirators, masks, hoods & co. are state-of-the-art and keep yourself informed about the latest emergency escape breathing devices.  


Dräger’s emergency escape respirators – rescue in the palm of your hand

Your life insurance on one hand: Emergency escape respirators are perfectly fitting to your needs, easy to handle and tamper-proof because your staff already has a tough job to do.

However, potential escape scenarios vary across industries. As well do the number of possible escape respirators. Here’s how to choose the suitable emergency escape breathing device tailored to your needs.

See how your escape scenario determines the selection
Emergency escape – how to select respiratory protection
Dräger PARAT® 1200

Dräger PARAT® 1200

​Designed with simplicity in mind, the Dräger PARAT® 1200 is an extra small mouthpiece / nose clip filtering escape device equipped with a multi-gas ABEK filter that offers you 10 minutes of protection against a variety of toxic industrial gases and vapours. This compact lifesaver is approved to the only recognized standard for filtering ...

Product details

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Where are your workers in the event of an emergency?

In an emergency, people flee. As HSE manager, you need to know the whereabouts of your workers, that everyone is moving to their designated “muster points”, and that no one is remaining in the danger zone.


Dräger’s live monitoring system assists in maintaining an overview

Incidents do not necessarily equate to accidents: Live data helps you keep track of your employees and remain calm in an emergency. Monitoring such critical situations is where our Smart Safety solution "Gas Detection Connect" helps, combining networked gas detectors and cloud-based software in one system.  

When working in a team, monitoring of each other’s location and condition significantly increases workers’ safety. In case of danger, the site of an individual co-worker or the entire team is displayed on the monitor and your staff is immediately informed to leave the risk zone. In addition, you can steer musters by alarming groups in the affected areas and control the operation via e-mail notifications to your first responder team and responsible supervisors.

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Gas Detection Connect

Our new software solution turns individual products into one smart system. Get to know Dräger Gas Detection Connect.


Dräger X-am® 2800

This multi-gas detector measures up to four gases. With the Dräger Gas Detection Connect software, it offers live data transmission and powerful fleet management.

Do all your workers know what to do when every second counts?

Even though everyone knows the escape/company emergency plan and is adequately trained, awareness of dangerous situations dwindles over time. Therefore, for your workers’ safety, it becomes vital to strengthen your employees’ attention for being constantly aware of occurring risks and the correct use of the escape device.

Also, if an incident happens, employees intuitively want to help, thereby may endanger themselves and others. Finally, examine whether there are clear responsibilities for the emergency and if everyone knows their respective duties.


The Dräger Academy – because training and knowledge are key

Rescuers must not become victims. And it's critical that employees are taught safety awareness, how to use safety devices, follow procedures and act when emergencies occur. Again, providing training is the best way to prevent accidents and even fatalities. 

Rescue simulations, certified courses, product training, workshops – the Dräger Academy's global team of experts brings everyone up to speed on the latest in workers’ safety with one goal: to accomplish Vision Zero.


How to use your equipment

Our tutorial collection will help you train your staff how to use escape devices.

See our playlist

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Confined Space Training

Working in confined spaces needs dedicated CSE rescue training


Emergency Escape Breathing Device User

Training sessions on the accurate and correct use of escape equipment

*Not all products, features, or services are available in all countries


The human factor – behaviour during emergencies

What will happen if the gas warning system triggers at your plant, a fire detector raises the alarm, and horns, bells or sirens go off? Will employees react as you expect them to? Learn more about three misconceptions about human behaviour during emergencies in our white paper.

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Escape & rescue underground – emergency solutions for the mining industry

Working in an underground mine poses many challenges and risks. In the event of an emergency, it is essential to get people to safety as quickly as possible and prevent larger damage to the mine. Dräger offers comprehensive escape and rescue solutions, adapted to your specific working environments, conditions and mine rescue scenarios.

For more information on our range of safety and rescue equipment, please click here:

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