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Our Strengths

There's a lot to consider when choosing firefighting gear. That's why we focus on four main capabilities during development and production of our equipment: Usability, Connectivity, Safety+ and Serviceability. Learn how each factor has been applied to our new products and how they can benefit your department.


Designed to fit to you and your job

Our solutions are both ergonomic and easy to use. They are highly adjustable to provide a perfect fit regardless of a firefighter's size. Lightweight materials and balanced weight distribution means less physical stress and fatigue for the wearer, so you're always ready for the next call.


Designed with your hazards in mind

Our equipment protects you, every step of the way. That why our products are designed with a firefighter's unique mission and job hazards in mind. With extra robustness and flexibility, they meet and exceed current standards, and are ready for the challenges of tomorrow. 


Designed to support your procedures

Effective and reliable communication is a key component before, during and after a mission. Our solutions provide enhanced situational awareness and clear voice communication even in the loudest environments.


Designed for maximum uptime

After one incident, you must be prepared for the next as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our products are simple to maintain and designed with quick turnaround times in mind, to minimise cleaning efforts onsite and in the workshop.

Our Strengths in Action


PSS AirBoss


BG ProAir






HPS Safeguard


UCF FireVista


UCF FireCore

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