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Gas Detection Connect

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Imagine if many of your gas detection processes were automated and accelerated. Well, this is no distant future, it’s possible right now. Our new software solution turns individual products into one smart system. Transferring data in real time will help you reduce errors and save you both time and costs – two important building blocks in creating a safer and healthier workplace. Get to know Dräger Gas Detection Connect.

The advantages of Gas Detection Connect explained

Bigger than the sum of its parts

Connecting gas detectors with a central software solution brings you automated processes and increased safety. The system has an innovative approach which allows the integration of future additions. Starting with mobile gas detection, the system is engineered to incorporate more gas detection devices and other instruments, all to meet your specific needs. Area monitoring and asset management are key aspects regarding safety and efficiency. More and more new possibilities will become available in different areas of application in which the system can be upgraded. Long story short: Dräger Gas Detection Connect brings to you the future of safety.

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Live Monitoring

Long distances between onsite workers and control offices can lead to missing situational awareness and unnoticed risks. With Gas Detection Connect, you can monitor your facilities live and react much quicker in case of emergency.

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Asset Management

With many gas detection devices, it is challenging to have an overview regarding test intervals or needed maintenance. But when you connect them to our Gas Detection Connect smart system, you get the complete picture on the condition of your entire fleet – all the time, no matter where you are.

Increased efficiency and safety

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Everything at a glance

In the event of an incident, you can see all the relevant alarm information in the web application in a way that is easy to analyse. Users get a direct overview – which allows you to take counter measures immediately.

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Worker and group monitoring

When working in a team, continuous monitoring of each other’s location and condition significantly increases personal safety and helps build greater trust during their daily work. With Gas Detection Connect, you can monitor every worker’s personal air consumption, which is clearly displayed in the web application. In case of danger, the location of an individual co-worker or the entire team is displayed on the monitor which enables a quick assessment of any risk they might be facing.

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Contribution to safety culture

Stored data about locations, values and gas detection devices provide important information about the exposure of individuals or the ability to analyse incidents. Future safety concepts are thus based on actual field data and findings.

Gas Detection Connect Product Information

Get to know Dräger Gas Detection Connect even better

Want to know more about our software solution? Click here to download our product information.

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The system and the big idea behind it

Gas Detection Connect Key Visual

Gas Detection Connect

For a quick overview, go to the Gas Detection Connect product page.

Dräger Pac single-gas detection device

Dräger Pac®

This robust single-gas detection device offers precise measurements and real-time data transmission.

Dräger X-dock

Dräger X-dock®

Get full control of your portable gas detection – with real-time documentation and evaluation.

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Smart Safety

Gas Detection Connect is big. But it is part of something even bigger: Learn more about Smart Safety.

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