H₂S Dangers And Monitoring - Industrial worker on offshore site

H₂S Dangers And Monitoring

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Reducing the risks of H₂S in the oil and gas industry

No matter whether on a greenfield or brownfield, or during field exploration, development or closure, hydrogen sulphide (H2S) presents a constant threat to workers and rescuers in any phase of oil and gas exploration and production. That’s why safety management should focus on H2S detection and monitoring, incident prevention and rescue preparedness. At Dräger, we are well-versed with precise measurement of H2S, monitoring of H2S release spots and emergency escape concepts – and you can trust in us to help you carry out your work safely.

Dräger X-zone 5500 monitors gas levels around valves

H₂S: The perils and the safeguards

H2S is highly toxic to humans. It is a constant safety risk at nearly every workplace in the oil or gas industry – in upstream, midstream and downstream business. Incidents with high concentrations of H2S can lead to severe negative health effects, or even to death, within seconds. It’s important to understand the implications of this hazardous substance because good knowledge of precise H2S monitoring can save lives. Every drilling site and every extraction technology, such as a sour gas field or enhanced oil recovery (EOR), has its own rules – as well as unique hydrogen sulphide sources and leaks. That’s why professional risk assessment, precise measurement and seamless gas monitoring with direct connection to alarm systems are very important. Our experts can help you find the ideal solution for your workplace – even if you work under the harshest environmental conditions.

HAZMAT protection infographic

How to protect yourself from HAZMATs

The harmful effects of hazardous materials on the body can be sorted into categories. Take a look at how this helps you to evaluate what kind of protection you need.

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Reliable breathing protection with high protection factors

Escaping from a hydrogen sulphide contaminated area requires that you’re able to rely 100% on your personal protection equipment (PPE). A respirator that is not suited for H2S conditions – or that has not been proven to have a protection factor high enough for H2S concentrations that exist in your workplace – may result in serious harm. Learn how self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with proven protection factors allow for safe work in areas where hydrogen sulphide is present.

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Choosing the best escape respirator
Escape respirator whitepaper

Prevention is best. But in the event hazardous materials are released, you should have an emergency response plan in place. Here’s a look at how you can identify the right respirators to have on hand.

How fit tests can support safe work in H₂S environments
Fit tests in H2S environments whitepaper

If an H₂S gas leak takes place, it can quickly come to a life-threatening concentration. Personal and well-fitted escape devices with suitable protection levels can protect workers from coming to harm in emergency situations.

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