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Maximizing operational safety for the mining industry

Employee health, occupational safety and plant safety are key topics for those who work in dangerous environments like mines. At Dräger, we put a focus on all elements of operational safety in order for you to avoid and mitigate mining hazards. Mining operational safety begins before a person even enters a mine.

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Occupational Health and Safety

There are numerous guidelines for occupational safety and health in the mining industry. Based on centuries of experience, they have led to a significant reduction of many risks and hazards. In the same regard, modern mining can now utilize innovative detection technology as well as effective personal protective equipment (PPE).


Occupational safety

Warning employees about exposure to hazardous substances such as toxic dust, diesel emissions, and blast emissions, and protecting them from such hazards is extremely important.


Handling hazardous substances

When offloading, mixing, or transferring chemicals – for instance, when leaching or concentrating – the direct contact with hazardous substances is sometimes unavoidable.


Confined spaces

Limited ventilation and means of escape, a lack of oxygen, and the presence of toxic substances: There are many risks when confined spaces are involved.

Diesel Emissions and DPM

In addition to carbon monoxide (CO), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2), diesel exhaust gases also contain fine particles of soot. In 2012, this so-called DPM – Diesel Particulate Matter – was classified as a Group 1 carcinogenic agent by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).1 As a consequence of this, numerous occupational safety standards in the international mining industry now specify a significantly lower threshold limit values for DPM and the gaseous emissions in working environments.


Realizing lower limit values and complying with requirements

Whenever workplace threshold limit values are lowered companies face challenges that require suitable measuring instruments and methods to reliably detect the lower values. How companies are able to satisfy these new requirements is explained in this white paper, which takes Canada as an example.


Nitrogen Oxides

in the urban atmosphere are considered hazardous, but they also play a key role in occupational safety. Extremely sensitive and reliable gas detection technology is needed in order to be able to monitor compliance with strict limits.


Efficient filtration of diesel particulate emissions

Wherever heavy diesel operated machinery is in use, the mine operator needs to implement measures to protect their employees against inhaling diesel particulate emissions (DPM).  

Download mining portfolio

Download our Mining Portfolio

Learn more about our technical solutions for the mining industry for occupational safety and health, ventilation and plant safety, maintenance and training, as well as emergency preparedness and response.


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Mine ventilation and plant safety

Ventilation is the lifeline for miners. It ensures that firedamp, diesel emissions, and blast fumes are extracted from the mine. But constant monitoring of the above-ground atmosphere is also necessary, especially in areas where safety is critical. With mine gas detectors, miners can take immediate reaction in the event of leakages, fires, and when threshold limits have been exceeded.

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Portable Gas Detection

Our portable gas detectors offer precise, reliable and multi-functional measurement of harmful gases. The portable gas detectors are used for diverse applications like personal workplace monitoring, clearance measurement of confined spaces, leakage detection, area monitoring and many more.

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Fixed Gas Detection

Our fixed gas detectors monitor your production locations, warehouses and workplaces and warns you against imminent gas hazards and flames. In addition to a uniquely wide range of sensors, stationary gas transmitters and technical components we offer expert planning, maintenance, service and user training.

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Brochures and product information

Site safety
Site safety

An introduction to gas detection systems



Rental services
Rental services

Well-equipped and ready for every situation




Post Blast Clearance

Blasting is an unavoidable process within mining operations. We support you, that all working areas are free from blast emissions and other hazards.


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Fixed Gas Detector White Paper

From toxic nitrous oxides to ammonia or carbon monoxide, there’s no shortage of dangerous gases present in the mine. Learn more about our fixed gas detectors and how they provide fast and accurate detection of poisonous gases in harsh conditions, and reduce downtime.

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Fit for duty alcohol and drug testing men at workplace

Fit for Duty: Alcohol and Drug Testing

Whether above or underground, employees must fully concentrate on their work because these activities require a high degree of safety. Drugs and alcohol not only affect a person's productivity, but also their ability to take action, their attentiveness and their ability to react. Operating heavy mine machinery and working with toxic or explosive substances while under the influence of drugs or with (residual) alcohol in the bloodstream pose a high accident risk. Especially in emergency situations, all mining employees must be able to make fast, deliberate and correct decisions in order to prevent any further harm.


Workplace alcohol and drug detection

A prerequisite for ensuring compliance with alcohol and drug policies is having precise measuring instruments, which provide fast, discreet and exact evidence of acute alcohol or drug consumption. 

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What is the point of saliva drug tests?


Easy to use: Dräger Alcotest ®


Ready when you are: Dräger Interlock® 7000

Brochures and product information

Alcohol and Drug Detection

Devices for police, justice, medical, workplace or personal use

PDF 5.16MB


Brochure title presumptive testing drugdetection
How does a drug test work?

Drug abuse is commonplace, as are its dangerous effects. Today, many simple presumptive tests exist to detect drugs and identify problem users.




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Mining Equipment


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