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Tunnel Construction Safety Solutions

The construction of a tunnel is marked by considerable cost and equally high safety risks. Therefore, forward planning as well as reliable safety products and concepts are vital requirements. With a comprehensive range of services, products and solutions and more than 100 years of experience in safety when it comes to mining and tunnelling operations, Dräger is ready to assist you in every phase of your project.

Practical safety strategies in tunnelling

Different basic conditions can turn any construction project into an individual challenge. The same goes for safety and security concepts in tunnel construction. Work with our skilled employees and experts to find a balance between high levels of industrial safety and efficient work flows.

Tunneling Brochure

Tunneling Brochure

Refuge chamber

Refuge chambers

Safety management

Safety Management

Escape and rescue must be linked.

Safety concepts consist of considering numerous areas and tasks. A large number of individual steps have to be planned, coordinated and agreed upon with the most diverse interest groups. Dräger assists you in this task and helps you save time and money while increasing safety.

Dräger offers safety and health protection plans adjusted to various requirements and provides safety staff such as a coordinator for safety and health protection matters.

Construction Phase Project

Dräger helps protect your project from unpleasant surprises both before and during construction. Working with your health and safety planning procedures, Drager’s portfolio will support various safety requirements dependent on your sites environment.

escape 3 2.jpg

Escape Devices

long duration ba

Long Duration Breathing Apparatus

refuge chamber

Refuge Chamber


Alcohol and Drug Testing

5600 32.jpg

Portable Gas Detectors

respiratory masks

Respiratory Masks

protective clothing

Protective Clothing

Execution Phase

As a project moves into the execution phase, emergency evacuation arrangements are particularly important, see below our portfolio to support this.


Fixed Gas Detection

escape 3 2.jpg

Escape Devices

long duration ba

Long Duration Breathing Apparatus

refuge chamber

Refuge Chamber


Draeger MRV 9000


Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

thermal imaging camera 3 2.jpg

Thermal Imaging Cameras

protective clothing 3 2.jpg

Protective Clothing

Operational Phase

Once a tunnel is operational, the safety requirements do not stop with it. Drager works with our clients to support their emergency rescue procedure and provide solutions for both escape and rescue.

escape 3 2.jpg

Escape Devices

scba 3 2.jpg

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

long duration ba 3 2.jpg

Long Duration Breathing Apparatus

mrv 3 2.jpg

MRV 9000

xplore 8000 32.jpg

Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)

xplore 1730 32.jpg

Facemasks (FFP)

Purchase, rental, leasing - individualised options are a standard Dräger feature.

rental shop

Builders must accept their responsibility for safety by judging the contractors according to their understanding of safety. Contractors must be aware of their responsibility for the safety of staff, visitors and the construction and include the resulting cost in their calculations. Short project times and competitive pressure must not result in disregard for; or cutting down on safety issues.

Dräger assists builders and construction companies in developing effective and efficient safety measures. Individualized purchase, rental or leasing models help you in using your safety budget at an optimum. In addition, Dräger accepts responsibility for safety-related processes and offers a guarantee for the operational readiness of the safety equipment delivered. Dräger also offers a wide range of individual services for the area’s logistics and repair of safety equipment.

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