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Dräger NITROX 200

The Dräger Nitrox 200 is a configurable, manually operable unit for mixing nitrox gases out of oxygen (up to 200 bar) and breathing air (up to 200 bar).

Mobile or fixed installation

The transport case version of the Nitrox 200 stands out because of its mobility – indispensable for professional diving. Thanks to its light weight of only 9 kg (19.8 lb), the entire unit can be easily transported in the case including all the supply and disposal lines. The wall version of the Nitrox 200 can be installed in any diving station to mix nitrox gases.

Extensive range of functions

​As a central interface between the auxiliary equipment and the components of the mixed gas system, the Dräger Nitrox 200 simplifies operation for the user with a wide array of functions:

  • Supply of oxygen directly from the oxygen source or via the booster
  • Supply of breathing air from the breathing air cylinder or the compressor
  • Filling diving cylinders with oxygen, breathing air or nitrox gases
  • Supply of an external mixed gas supply directly or via the booster
  • Pressure relief of the gas supply lines
  • Production of gas mixtures by means of a precision pressure gauge
  • Analysis of the gas fill using the X-am 5000

In order to fill nitrox cylinders, the Dräger Nitrox 200 comes with a high-pressure oxygen connection, a high-pressure breathing air connection as well as a high-pressure nitrox filling connection. The transport case version can fill cylinders up to a volume of 12 l/200 bar. A connection hose must be used to fill larger cylinders. The filling unit is equipped with a digital precision pressure gauge (0 to 300 bar) to indicate the minimum and maximum pressure. The proven analysis device X-am 5000 is used to check the amount of oxygen contained in the mixed gas filling. It measures up to 100 % by volume and is included in the delivery contents.

Tested safety

​Made and cleaned for operation with oxygen.

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