Dräger X-pect® 8100 Cover Spectacles Protective Eyewear

Dräger X-pect® 8100 Cover Spectacles

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Dräger X-pect® 8100 Cover Spectacles

The cover spectacles Dräger X-pect® 8100 are the classical protective eyewear models for many applications and for visitors. These cover spectacles provide a large field of vision and are designed to fit with prescription glasses. All spectacles are compatible with respiratory protection like half masks.

Large field of vision

The X-pect® 8100 cover spectacles provide a large field of vision for high wearer acceptance. In addition, the X-pect 8120 model features an anti-scratch coating to ensure clear vision in the most arduous of situations and a long lifetime.

Perfect protection against small droplets and splashes

The lateral protection and molded browguard of the cover spectacles protect you optimally against small droplets and splashes.

Optimal combination with regular prescription glasses

With a large mono lens the X-pect 8100 series is designed to be combined with standard prescription glasses.

Fully adjustable temples in length and angle

The cover spectacles X-pect 8120 are equipped with fully adjustable temples in length and angle for personal adjustment to fit any face shape.

Lateral ventilation to avoid fog

The X-pect 8110 model is equipped with lateral ventilation to avoid fog on your prescription glasses, even during intensive use.

Very robust but lightweight material

The material of the cover spectacles is very robust and stable thanks to polycarbonate but is still lightweight providing high comfort even during intensive use.

UV protection and best optical class

The X-pect 8100 series offers the highest UV protection available and the best optical class (class 1) for continuous work. Additionally, it is certified in accordance with EN 166:2001 and CE compliant. This means that all spectacles meet high quality requirements.

Premium comfort

​Dräger’s cover spectacles provide high wearer comfort due to their ergonomic design as well as their high-quality and lightweight materials. In addition, they fit together perfectly with Dräger X-plore half mask respirators and particle filtering face pieces.

Technical Data

Key Facts

Product type
Cover spectacles
e.g. for visitors, designed to fit with prescription glasses
Optical class
Mechanical resistance class
UV filter code
0.1 lb


Lens material
Frame material
Lens colour
Anti-fog coating
Anti-scratch coating
✓ (only X-pect 8120)
Adjustable in length
✓ (only X-pect 8120)
Adjustable angle
✓ (only X-pect 8120)
Combinable with prescription glasses
Soft nose bridge

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