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Dräger X-pect® Spectacles

Dräger X-pect® spectacles are the optimal choice for effective protection against particles, droplets and splashes. Thanks to each model's special features such as extra flexibility or extra-flat temples, they offer maximum comfort for a wide range of use cases.

Break-resistant yet lightweight material

The break-resistant polycarbonate lens gives X-pect® spectacles a long lifespan without compromising on comfort. Thanks to their light weight (between 21 and 27 grams), X-pect® spectacles are comfortable to wear even during long periods of use.

Comfortable nose bridge

The soft, comfortable nose bridge protects against irritating pressure points and ensures comfort, even under extreme conditions such as heat or cold.

Scratch- and fog-resistant coating

Dräger X-pect® spectacles feature a scratch- and fog-resistant coating for a clear view in any situation.

Individually adjustable

X-pect® 8310 spectalces are extremely comfortable with their extra-flat temples, making them the ideal choice for use in combination with hearing protection or a safety helmet.

X-pect® 8320 and X-pect® 8321 spectacles feature flexible temples to prevent irritating pressure points and ensure maximum comfort.

X-pect® 8330 spectacles offer you both features in one: soft, flexible temples with a tilt-adjustable lens.

One-piece lens for a wide field of vision

The one-piece lens of the spectacles allows a wide field of vision, which enhances comfort and improves wearer acceptance.

Sporty, modern design with all-round protection

Thanks to their ergonomically curved lens, the X-pect® spectacles offer all-round protection. Their sporty, modern design makes them the protective eyewear of choice in industrial, professional and home settings.

UV protection and the highest optical rating

All X-pect® spectacles models offer the highest possible UV protection and the best protective eyewear rating (class 1) for long-time use. They are also EN 166:2001-certified and CE-compliant.


X-pect Spectacles Product Information, en-master
X-pect Spectacles Product Information, en-master


X-pect Portfolio Overview, en-master
X-pect Portfolio Overview, en-master


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The Dräger safety eyewear range brings high comfort, extreme flexibility and a whole range of protection levels – from basic splash, particle matter and debris through to fully-sealed goggles that even protect from gases and vapours. For further advice on selection, operational conditions and usage, please contact our experts.

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