Mobile Live Fire Training Unit Containerized (MLFTU-C) Sistemas de simulacro de incendios

Mobile Live Fire Training Unit Containerized (MLFTU-C)

Mobile Live Fire Training Unit Containerized (MLFTU-C)

Dräger's Training Technology can go on the road. Where price is a major concern, Dräger offers a lower-cost Mobile Live Fire Training Unit based on a modified sea container mounted on a 53-foot trailer. Dräger's Mobile Live Fire Training Units are eligible for purchase under the Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighter Grant (AFG) program.

Realistic fire simulation/training area

Firefighters face extremely dangerous life-threatening situations daily. In order to ensure their best chance of survival, SAFE and EFFECTIVE training under REALISTIC conditions is essential.

The fire fighters are confronted with real flames, extreme heat, high humidity, severely restricted visibility and dense smoke during their training. This allows them to train for an emergency as realistically as possible.

The training area is built on approximately 300 sqft. on the lower deck 40 ft. ISO container. The 1/8 steel on walls and ceilings has seal welded joints to make the cladding water-proof. The flooring is media blasted for slip resistance. Ceramic insulation used is rated for 2300F. The sacrificial and replaceable plates for the heat shielding around the simulators are 3/16 Corten steel.

For access to the training area, the containerized Dräger MLFTU includes two doors with stairs. The burn room has two windows with latched shutters, one stairwell to the roof, and one additional roof hatch for confined space entry.


Dräger’s containerized Mobile Live Fire Training Unit (MLFTU-C) is constructed with modified sea-containers mounted on a galvanized, structural steel, drop deck trailer chassis with ISO lock mounts, DOT lighting and landing gear.

The 12kW (max.) rated generator can be fuelled with propane or gasoline. A smoke generator, smoke fluid tank, and nitrogen cylinder are located in the control room in the modified ISO container on the upper deck of the unit.

Different layouts

Mobile Live Fire Training Unit are available with different layout options. In a compact form they integrate elements of a fire simulation system for training in accordance with NFPA 1403. Typical configurations include 1 to 2 fires, the control and monitoring station and the necessary technology areas for the self-sufficient operation of the system.

The fire training trailer can be equipped with a moveable wall system. Re-configurable wall panels allow for flexible creation of maze elements.

Customer-specific solutions

To take account individual training requirements systems are configured specifically for each customer. Relevant standards concerning design, quality and safety are taken into account.

Up to two propane fuelled “multi-prop” simulators (bed, kitchen, sofa) and one rollover simulator are supplied by two DOT compliant propane cylinders with a capacity of 420lb each. The cylinders are located in a dedicated room and do not reduce the available space in the training area of Dräger’s MLFTU.

The props, made from heavy gauge carbon steel, and turn the ‘multi-prop’ into a kitchen, sofa or bed simulator. Waterbath technology protects the equipment, and diffuses the propane for an effective ignition and a realistic appearance of the flames.

Two intake air fans with automated control provide the air flow for the burn, cooling and clearing of smoke.

Safe training

In spite of extreme heat an outstanding safety level can be secured. Redundant safety devices for gas and temperature monitoring in accordance with relevant NFPA and CSA codes and guidelines control the conditions in fire room. If defined limits are exceeded or the emergency cut-off switch is operated, the system is automatically switched off and placed into a safe condition involving forced ventilation.

Accessible roof

The accessible roof of the fire simulation trainer can also be used as an extended training area.

A roof ventilation prop (tilt roof) is available for Dräger's containerized Mobile Live Fire Training Unit.

Furthermore a retractable second story room is available configured in a "walk-through" design with 2 doors and stairwell access to the lower level.