Dräger Carina®

Designed for non-invasive ventilation: With its unique SyncPlus® technology and an extended NIV function, the user-friendly Dräger Carina® offers reliable and easy ventilation – and thanks to its compact design, this also applies when transporting patients.

Carina – a clever choice

Dräger has developed an innovative type of high-performance NIV ventilator, that is comfortable for both the patient and the caregiver. Carina is compact and also mobile to optimise the workflow and the usage of working time and clever to recognise changes in flow parameters and patient status, providing just the right amount of support while giving the patient room to breathe. Carina features a range of ventilation modes for spontaneous and mandatory ventilation and an integrated blender which can supply oxygen concentrations from 21 - 100%. Should the need arise, Carina can even be used for invasive ventilation.

Comfortable operation

We know how important a restful, healing environment is to patients and caregivers. That’s why the Carina features an extremely quiet blower that enables practically silent operation (max. 40 dBA). A 5.4 inch, highvisibility TFT colour monitor displays your choice of value or curve information which can be further customised to suit your particular needs.

Clever features

Dräger’s unique SyncPlus® functionality provides the kind of consistent flow that translates to superior therapeutic benefit, but without compromising on comfort. Carina's AutoRamp® feature simulates a natural breathing pattern which helps optimise inflation flow delivery to the patient.

Compact device

Weighing in at just 5.5 kg, the Carina’s extremely compact design lets you take it nearly anywhere for subacute care. For patient transfers or in case of power failure, the internal battery can provide power for up to an hour of off-line operation.

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Carina Product Information, en
Carina Product Information, en


Booklet: It began with the Pulmotor One Hundred Years of Artificial Ventilation (PDF)
Booklet: It began with the Pulmotor One Hundred Years of Artificial Ventilation (PDF)

For Dräger, the history of ventilation is more than a sober chronological list – the history of ventilation is closely linked with the history of the Dräger family.


Non-invasive ventilation Booklet, en
Non-invasive ventilation Booklet, en

Since the first use of positive end-expiratory pressure ventilation in the late 1930's non-invasive ventilation (NIV) has come a very long way. A booklet about a century of experience by Frank van Rooyen and Krisztina Soltész.


Carina Video
Webinar: NIV for COPD (34 MB / ZIP)
The Breathing Book, en
Nomenclature Booklet, en
Breathing Booklet, en
AutoFlow Booklet, en
NIV Booklet, en
Carina Brochure, en
Carina Reference Case, en
IFU Carina SW 3.2n 9053723 fi
Mini Manual Ventilation, en

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