Catheter Mounts

Catheter mount tube extensions and airway connectors make it easier for you to safely move adult and pediatric patients. They are very easy to use and help keep your hands free, giving you more room to provide care. ErgoStar® catheter mounts and catheter connectors are just one part of Dräger's complete line of breathing system equipment.

ErgoStar® catheter mounts

Dräger smooth bore catheter mounts are flexible and lightweight, and provide low resistance to gas flow, while the external coil reduces kinking and blockage. Clinicians can enjoy the ultimate in flexibility and ease-of-use with the double swivel connector that minimizes traction and torque on the tube. The dual cap design allows you to maintain PEEP during suction or bronchoscopy and the device-sided 22F/15M connector serves as a 2-in-1 solution with less dead space. Each flexible catheter mount and airway connector is also equipped with a red safety cap so that the system is completely closed and protected until immediately prior to being used on the patient. There is also a Luer-Lock sample port at a practical 45º angle, allowing for comfortable gas sampling as close to the patient as possible. Enjoy improved workflow thanks to the single-use design and the standard connectors, allowing you to securely and safely connect to other components. All Dräger catheter mounts are also PVC- and latex-free, eliminating the risk of softeners such as DEHP.

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IFU ErgoStar 9039773 ME
IFU ErgoStar 9039773 ME

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