Dräger Vapor® 3000 and D-Vapor® 3000 Höyrystimet

Dräger Vapor® 3000 and D-Vapor® 3000


Dräger Vapor® 3000 and D-Vapor® 3000

As all other Dräger vaporisers, the Dräger Vapor 3000 series and D-Vapor 3000 deliver same remarkable performance when it comes to precise agent delivery, safety, robustness, quality, and durability. In combination with the Perseus® A500 anaesthesia workstation, they additionally can contribute to improved workflow efficiency, clinical outcome, and decision-making support.

Safety and easy-to-use functionalities

The Vapor 3000 series and D-Vapor 3000 incorporate the following features:

  • Auto Exclusion mounting system* prevents using two vaporisers simultaneously: turning on one vaporiser locks the other and thus enhances ease of use and patient safety
  • position “T” of control dial enables safe transport in upside down or tilted position without priorly draining the Vapor and prevents the anaesthetic agent from leaking. After transport, the vaporisers immediately continue working as specified
  • the entire content of a standard anaesthetic agent bottle fits into the vaporiser. For the D-Vapor 3000, acoustic alarm of filling level to warn the user before agent filling reaches a critical level
  • anaesthetic agent-specific filling systems eliminate the risk to erroneously fill the vaporiser with the incorrect agent
  • various filling systems to select customer-specific filling options
  • colour-coded bayonet cap for easy opening and fast visual identification of locking status
  • agent-specific adapter for the agent bottle prevents spillage of liquid agent
  • integrated battery of electronic D-Vapor 3000 enables continued operation in case of power supply failure
* Standard for Perseus® A500, and an option for Atlan® family, Primus® family, and Fabius® family anaesthesia machines. Auto Exclusion mounting system is compatible with Dräger Interlock 2 connector of the anaesthesia workstation.

Decision-making support

The Vapor 3000 series and D-Vapor 3000 communicate* with the Perseus A500 anaesthesia machines to support the user in decision-making what can lead to improved clinical outcomes:

  • automatic readability of the setting of the anaesthetic agent level, alarms, and agent identification
  • anaesthetic agent level and xMAC prediction for a period of up to 20 minutes to support safe and convenient administration of low- and minimal-flow anaesthesia
*Possible if option VaporView of Perseus A500 is available.

Improved workflow efficiency

The following features of Vapor 3000 series and D-Vapor 3000 make them very convenient for clinicians during surgeries under dimmed light-conditions as e.g. endoscopic interventions and they may increase the workflow efficiency:

  • integrated illumination for both, the control dial and the filling level indicators for better supervision
  • filling level indicator which magnifies the agent level for better, wide-angle visibility
  • a blue mark at the back of the viewing glass further improves readability of the agent filling level
  • designed for use within a temperature range of 10 °C to 40 °C (18 °C to 30 °C for D-Vapor 3000) to ensure precise dosing even during special surgical procedures where heating or cooling plays an important role such as inpaediatric, cardiac, burns, or orthopaedic surgeries

Cost-saving potential

The robust design of Vapor 3000 series and D-Vapor 3000 will provide you with years of trouble-free operation and can save on maintenance costs and time because:

  • no preventive maintenance is required
  • no need for recalibration during lifetime

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IfU D-Vapor/D-Vapor 3000 FI 9052613
IfU D-Vapor/D-Vapor 3000 FI 9052613

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