Drägersorb® 800+ – Soda Lime Hengityskalkki

Drägersorb® 800+ – Soda Lime


Drägersorb® 800+ – Soda Lime

Drägersorb® is high-quality soda lime developed by one of the leading manufacturers of anaesthesia equipment.

Drägersorb® 800+ – Soda Lime

Dräger is the only manufacturer of anaesthesia machines that also develops and produces its own soda lime. That’s why in Dräger systems, the soda lime is optimised to meet the latest requirements of anaesthesia equipment.

  • Increased efficiency thanks to uniform utilisation
  • Low dust generation protects the patient, user and the equipment
  • Fewer undesired reaction effects, even if the soda lime is unintentionally allowed to dry out
  • Improved handling thanks to user-friendly packaging

Economic excellence

Thanks to its unique pellet form, Drägersorb 800+ does not undergo channel formation. Our soda lime absorbs COevenly and is effectively utilized. Its pellet form and high porosity create an optimal surface. Drägersorb 800+ is therefore able to absorb more CO2 and lasts longer than conventional soda lime.

Creating a better environment

The shape and composition of the Drägersorb 800+ pellets enhance its strength and resistance to abrasion. This helps protect the lungs of both the patient and anaesthesia staff. Dust emissions are harmful to high-tech anaesthesia machines which is another reason why Drägersorb 800+ was developed – to protect your valuable investments and reduce ongoing costs.

Additional safety

Drägersorb 800+ significantly reduces the build up of decomposition substances that are produced if the soda lime accidentally dries out.1 Drägersorb 800+ may be used with all halogenated inhalation anaesthetic agents. Of course, only fresh soda lime guarantees optimal use for patients. A change in color from white to violet blue clearly indicates when the soda lime needs to be changed.

1Test results confirmed by an independent institute.

User-friendly packaging

​The Drägersorb® CLIC disposable absorber for use with all modern Dräger anaesthesia systems delivers a quick, clean and uncomplicated disposable solution. Advantages of this system include:

  • Anesthesia personnel have no contact with soda lime
  • absolutely no dust contact
  • more complete utilization reduces costs; change absorber at any time, even during surgery, thanks to the non-return valve.
The Drägersorb® CLIC disposable absorber for Dräger anaesthesia systems is attached to the usual absorber holder by means of an adapter.

Drägersorb 800+ is also available in convenient 5 L containers.

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Case Study: Just 'CLIC' it!
Case Study: Just 'CLIC' it!

See how the Drägersorb CLIC system can significantly reduce sodalime consumption.


Drägersorb 800+ Safety Data Sheet, fi
Drägersorb 800+ Safety Data Sheet, fi

According to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH)


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