Evita® Infinity® V500 Ventilation Unit Tehoventilointi ja hengityksen tarkkailu

Evita® Infinity® V500 Ventilation Unit


Evita® Infinity® V500 Ventilation Unit

Combine fully-featured, high-performance ventilation with Infinity® Acute Care System integration to meet the challenges of today’s health care environment.

Tools for your ventilation therapy I

  • Lung diagnostic tools like the Low Flow maneuver (inflection points)
  • Breath by breath recruitment trends (e.g. PEEP, EIP, VT, Cdyn)
  • Recruitment tools (e.g. lnspiration Hold, QuickSet, PressureLink)
  • PC-APRV with AutoRelease
  • Volumetric CO2-Monitoring (VCO2, VTCO2, Slope Phase 3, Vds/VTe)
  • Weaning parameter (e.g. RSBi, P0.1, NIF)
  • Automatic weaning with SmartCare/PS®

Tools for your ventilation therapy II

  • Variable Pressure Support, Proportional Pressure Support, Automatic Tube Compensation Graphical representation of airway resistance and lung compliance with Smart Pulmonary View
  • Room-to-breathe” concept (AutoFlow®, BIPAP, VG)
  • Applicable for neonatal ventilation (smallest tidal volume: 2 ml)

Functions to support your workflow

  • Non-invasive ventilation in all modes and all patient categories
  • O2-Therapy allows flow constant oxygen application
  • Flexible screen configuration: 6 different views for each patient related to the individual therapy
  • Full record of all patient data, alarms and trends
  • Data export via USB interface
  • Context-sensitive help function and online Instruction For Use for ventilation modes, alarms and device functions
  • RFID functionality e.g. to monitor exchange intervals and to transport ventilation settings

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Draeger Evita Infinity V500 ventilator 360

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Tekniset tiedot

Protective Ventilation

Operational Application
Fully-featured, high-performance ventilation
Patient categories
Adults, pediatrics, neonates
Inspiratory Flow
max. 180 L/min

Ventilation Modes

Volume controlled ventilation
Pressure controlled ventilation
Support of spontaneous breathing

Technical Data

Screen Display
17" color touch
Serial interfaces
Internal Battery
30 min
External Battery


Smart Pulmonary View
variable Pressure Support
Volume Guarantee
Non-invasive ventilation

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