Dräger FGT 5400

The Dräger FGT 5400 MCM diving apparatus is designed with the experience of proven apparatus for military applications. In the standard operating mode Dräger FGT 5400 uses premixed gases, e. g. NATO mixtures “B”, “C”, or “D”. The magnetic signature of the basic unit is designed according to STANAG 2897, Class A to comply with the latest requirement for MCM applications.

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Key Facts

Back mounted
Principal of opertaion
Closed circuit rebreather with oxygen Semi-closed circuit rebreather with nitrox
Mine counter mission Recovery
Hard cover
Gas supply
single gas
Adjustable lung demand valve
Manual bypass
✓ optional
Soda lime typ
Dive Sorb® Pro

Technical Data

Dimensions in mm (L x W x D)
0,51x0,34x0,24 m
Weight in water
approx. 1 kg buoyancy
Diving depth oxygen
up to 10 msw
Weight in air
37,48 lb
Diving duration Oxygen
up to 240 min
Diving depth Nitrox
up to 24 msw (NATO B) ; up to 42 (NATO C) ; up to 54 (NATO D)
Diving duration Nitrox
approx. 105 minutes (NATO B) ; approx. 55 minutes (NATO C) ; approx. 35 minutes (NATO D)
Breathing gas
NATO A, 100% O2 ; Nitrox NATO B, 60 % O2, 40 % N2 ; Nitrox NATO C, 40 % O2, 60 % N2 ; Nitrox NATO D,32.5 % O2, 67.5 % N2
Operating temperature
-2°C - 40°C
Storage temperature
-30°C - 70°C
Magnetic signature (optional)
STANAG 2897, Class A
Soda lime quantity
5,07 lb
Flexible volume of breathing bags
> 5 liter

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