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Infinity® CentralStation Wide


Infinity® CentralStation Wide

Viewing comprehensive real-time and retrospective clinical data supports you in making the most effective care decisions for your patients. Infinity® CentralStation Wide brings hemodynamic vital signs together with values from interfaced patient monitors, ventilators, and anesthesia devices. The Infinity® CentralStation Wide can also be used as a remote alarm annunciator for external devices such as ventilators.

Customizable Main Screen

Infinity CentralStation Wide provides the ability to configure the main screen for as few as one and as many as 16 patients per display when split screen is enabled. It includes the ability to configure up to 25 templates to allow for customized patient parameter orders from the bedside. The patient parameters can also be customized on individual viewports when specialized patient monitoring is required.

Event and Full Disclosure

Infinity CentralStation Wide provides two hours of event and full disclosure, standard. For more complex monitoring needs, choose expanded capability, which provides up to 120 hours of event and full disclosure with continuous storage for up to 16 waveforms as well as 1,000 arrhythmia or alarm events per patient. The ECG calipers, included in the toolset, provide support to make analysis easier.

ST Segment Analysis

Observe ST changes through Infinity CentralStation Wide to identify ischemia. Superimpose stored reference QRS complexes over current complexes to detect even subtle deviations.

Patient Census

Infinity CentralStation Wide can compile and maintain full and event disclosure records for patients transferred from one care unit to another. It organizes retrospective information into a comprehensive patient history available where and when you need it. All events are classified and grouped by event type, making it easier to review and assess a patient’s response to treatment. Arrhythmia events are detected by Dräger patient monitors with multi-lead Arrhythmia Classification Expert (ACE®) algorithm.

Infinity® VentCentral®

The VentCentral application gathers ventilation and hemodynamic data useful for analyzing a patient’s respiratory condition and the effects of therapy. It provides ventilator settings, respiratory waveforms and parameters, flow-volume and pressure-volume loops, laboratory data, and trends.

12-Lead Rest ECG Analysis

Infinity CentralStation Wide generates diagnostic 12-lead reports when connected to Infinity monitors capturing 12 leads of ECG. Measurements and interpretations are based on the Glasgow Interpretive ECG algorithm for pediatric and adult patients. This proven algorithm considers patient age, gender, race, and medical and clinical classification, providing accurate interpretation to support clinical decision-making.

Full Disclosure ECG Export

Infinity CentralStation Wide supports the export of non-diagnostic ECG waveforms (up to 24 hours, including 12-lead) to third party devices for permanent storage, further analysis and reporting.

Trend Display

Infinity CentralStation Wide stores up to 120 hours of trends and is able to present them in either a graphical and tabular format. Automatic scaling provides support in identifying even slight variations, providing visibility into a patient's condition and progression over time. This can help with early intervention based on clinical interpretation.

Patient Reports

​Infinity CentralStation Wide integrated reporting option allows clinicians to generate reports such as trend, waves strip, patient status, shift, event, and more in electronic PDF format. Scheduled reports can be configured and collated for each patient to coincide with nurse's shifts, providing clinicians with access for data review.

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IFU Infinity CentralStation Wide - VG4.0 - 3717003 fi
IFU Infinity CentralStation Wide - VG4.0 - 3717003 fi

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IFU SP ICS - End-user Software - Release Notes - VG3.0 3709161 fi
IFU SP ICS - End-user Software - Release Notes - VG3.0 3709161 fi

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IFU SP Infinity CentralStation Wide - Release Notes - SW VG2.1.3 3714979 fi
IFU SP Infinity CentralStation Wide - Release notes - VG4.0 - 3720576 fi
IFU SP Infinity CentralStation Wide - VG3.0 3707184 FI

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