Infinity® OneNet

Infinity® OneNet is an innovative networking approach that enables life-critical patient data to be sent and received safely and securely over an existing hospital network. OneNet makes it possible for hospitals to link together data from Dräger point-of-care devices and access that data hospital-wide and beyond.

Wired and wireless real-time monitoring

Infinity OneNet is a wired or wireless deployment of the Dräger Infinity Network that enables patient monitoring to become part of the hospital’s core infrastructure. Infinity OneNet helps optimise Quality of Service (QoS) by managing network traffic to provide necessary bandwidth for life-critical information provided by the patient monitor.

Cost efficient

Traditionally, patient monitoring data has required its own separate network to ensure the security of life-critical data. However, the Infinity OneNet approach enables the secure transmission of patient monitoring data using the hospital network. Therefore, one network can result in significant cost savings.

Leverage hospital security solutions

Because Infinity OneNet shares the existing hospital network, it leverages the hospital’s solutions for security, high availability and reliability. In a wireless deployment, Infinity OneNet allows Infinity monitoring devices to share the same WiFi access points as the hospital’s existing network devices.

Industry standard

​Infinity OneNet is based on non-proprietary, scalable network technology.

Dräger Professional Services

Infinity OneNet is backed by Dräger Professional Services, a consulting service focused on planning and implementing successful monitoring and IT solutions to enhance operational efficiencies and effectiveness by providing a standardised approach to project deliverables and ensuring the project is integrated as a part of the overall system solution.

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