SafeStar® Mechanical Filters

SafeStar® mechanical air filters offer bacterial and viral protection without moisturizer. The use of mechanical filtration, as well as other types of breathing filters, in the OR, the ICU, as well as other settings, helps to address cross-infection, a concern commonly associated with mechanical ventilation. In order to support the clincian and to properly address challenges like this one, Dräger offers an extensive portfolio of high-performing HMEs and breathing filters, including SafeStar® filters.

SafeStar® Family Filters

The SafeStar mechanical HEPA breathing filters from Dräger meet high standards for infection prophylaxis in ventilation. The active medium of these mechanical filters is a hydrophobic filter membrane of coated glass fibers developed specifically for this purpose. The hydrophobicity of a SafeStar mechanical filter prevents potentially contaminated fluids (e.g. blood, sputum, condensate) from being passed through under normal pressure conditions of mechanical ventilation. Therefore, SafeStar can inhibit the passage of fluidborne microorganisms. Furthermore, SafeStar’s mechanical medium, with very high bacterial and viral filtration efficiency rates, reduces the passage of airborne microorganisms to a considerable extent. This significantly helps to reduce the risk of possible cross-infection.

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Brochure: Filter/HMEs: Supporting daily clinical routine (PDF)
Brochure: Filter/HMEs: Supporting daily clinical routine (PDF)


IFU Filters HEPA (SafeStar) - Filter SafeStar 9039203 ME
IFU Filters HEPA (SafeStar) - Filter SafeStar 9039203 ME

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