Neonatal Monitoring Accessories Neonatal Accessories

Neonatal Monitoring Accessories


Neonatal Monitoring Accessories

Dräger provides a wide range of neonatal monitoring accessories for your neonatal care unit.

Our monitoring accessories for your neonatal monitoring equipment include:

Infinity NeoMed cable – consolidated monitoring of vital functions and parameters
The Infinity NeoMed neonatal monitor cable consolidates up to 7 leads into one compact package, effectively reducing the level of complexity and stress at the bedside. It provides connections for 3 ECG leads, SpO2, 2 temperature probes (1 for Gamma/GammaXL) and FiO2 (not available for Gamma/GammaXL). The 3 lead ECG cable is automatically detected, saving valuable time. Respiration is detected using the impedance method.

Gentle and precise SpO2 sensors
Dräger neonatal transdermal pulse oxymetry sensors were designed for secure yet skin-friendly positioning. Both disposable and reusable sensors are available.

Our monitoring accessories for your neonatal monitoring equipment include:

Disposable blood pressure cuffs – soft and accurate
Dräger disposable blood pressure cuffs come in a wide range of sizes – ready for all levels of maturity. Made from special soft materials, these cuffs provide gentle and accurate blood pressure measurement, even for the smallest, most fragile patients.

Temperature cables and probes
Dräger offers a selection of solutions for temperature measurement designed especially for neonatal applications.

Microstream® capnography – non-invasive, continuous CO2 neonatal monitoring
Requiring a flow rate of only 50 cc, the Microstream® capnography system places very little load on the infant’s tidal volume. The Microstream® neonatal airway adapter adds only 0.5 cc of dead space to the circuit and can be used with or without endotracheal intubation. This continuous, accurate CO2 measurement is a reliable indication of correct intubation and adequate ventilation - the need for arterial blood gas analysis is significantly reduced. It also provides additional security and peace of mind during and after the weaning process.

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Neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en
Neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en

Suitable for a wide range of clinical applications, we supply you with over 2,000 accessory item solutions. From breathing masks to flow sensors to disposable and reusable breathing circuits, we design and develop all our products according to your specific requirements.


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