Neonatal Thermoregulation and Phototherapy Neonatal Accessories

Neonatal Thermoregulation and Phototherapy


Neonatal Thermoregulation and Phototherapy

Something you can count on: Wide range of neonatal thermoregulation products and neonatal care accessories to meet the most diverse needs of the neonate. Only high quality materials to ensure optimal care. Effective support for therapy and cost effectiveness.

Accessories for Neonatal Developmental Care

Neonatal positioning aids – support correct positioning
Positioning can have a significant effect on neonatal growth and development. The degree of physiological flexion increases with gestation. The inability of the premature infant to support their limbs, along with the effect of gravity, can result in a range of developmental problems. The infant should be nursed in a variety of positions to promote normal behavioural development and flexor tone. Neonatal positioning aids will help the premature and critically ill neonate to devote their energy to growing. The use of accessories such as the nest, small rolls and “Hug it” will provide a suitable limb and body support as in the womb.

Neonatal incubator covers – effective protection from unwanted stimuli
Light and noise can have an adverse effect on the baby’s well-being, and therefore on development. Dräger neonatal incubator covers help shield the infant from unwanted light and noise, providing the kind of safe haven your small patients' need to thrive without compromising on safety or access.

Light shield curtain - Protection for caregivers, other patients and parents during phototherapy treatments

​The light shield curtain helps to block the light of the phototherapy during phototherapy treatments and therewith protects caregivers, other patients and parents from the blue light.  The design offers an easy assembly of the curtain. Flaps at the front and back side of the product allow good access to the patient. 

Phototherapy mask Eyemax 2

​The latex-free Eyemax 2 provides optimum comfort and protection for patients during phototherapy treatments. The one-piece, wraparound design has two attachment points that can be adjusted independently; this both prevents unwanted movement and allows for a perfect fit. The special ultraviolet light eye-protection pad was ergonomically designed to prevent light leakage.

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The greatest comfort for our smallest patients: Thanks to the viscoelastic foam core, the biocompatible Dräger Softbed mattress supports patient comfort.


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Critical warmth for the tiniest patient - Only nature builds a better nest.


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Neonatal Care Accessories Brochure
IFU BiliLux Light shield curtain 9056051 ME
IFU Neo Warming Therapy - Developmental Care Accessories 9039763 ME
IFU Neo Warming Therapy - SoftBed 9037304 ME

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