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Choosing the correct oxygen delivery system for your patients depends on the individual oxygen therapy prescribed. Our Dräger O2Star oxygen therapy accessories portfolio optimises your therapeutic options, so as to give you maximum therapy flexibility while providing your patients with the highest level of comfort and fit.

Atmospheric oxygen: A vital role in respiration

Essential for life, indispensable for healing. In general, we rely on ambient air, which contains approximately 21 % oxygen, to maintain adequate blood oxygenation through our normal respiration. Delivering a consistent flow with the correct dosage of oxygen levels when administering ambient air therapy supports your patient’s path to recovery. With O2Star oxygen therapy accessories, you can deliver appropriate O2 levels, giving your patient the adequate consumption needed to sustain adequate blood oxygenation.

Treating hypoxia with life-saving oxygen

​When a shortage of oxygen to the tissues of the body occurs, the patient can be suffering from hypoxia, which means specific life-saving oxygen therapy is required. In many cases, clinicians prescribe a therapy with a higher concentration of oxygen than is normally present in ambient air. Through O2Star’s wide range of accessories, whether it be nasal cannulas or different O2 mask types, you have the flexibility to administer the correct oxygen dosage needed to stabilise your patient - during and following surgical procedures as well.

​Uniquely suited for specialised therapy

Every patient diagnosis and subsequent respiratory therapy calls for variety tools and equipment needed to provide both suitable treatments and patient comfort. For this reason, oxygen therapies can be delivered to patients through various methods such as: tubing attached to a nasal cannula (prong), face mask, a face tent, or a tracheostomy mask. We provide you with a comprehensive range of oxygen delivery products for different applications, each particularly suited to treat a range of disorders resulting from hypoxia. 

​Nasal cannulas: For optimal O2 flow

Designed to ensure the right fit, our O2Star nasal cannula range includes two different prong types, including both straight and curved. Each type is available in four different sizes ranging from small (S), medium (M), large (L) to extra-large (XL). Its over-the-ear feature maintains proper positioning of the soft nasal prong tips on your patient, while allowing them complete freedom of movement. We have manufactured the attached oxygen tube with a star-shaped lumen design for greater effectiveness of oxygen flow even if the tube is accidentally kinked.

Face masks: Versatility and comfort

Helping your patient breathe easier also means supporting them with greater comfort and stability. As Your Specialist in Acute Care, our aim is to enhance patient experience while improving your clinical outcomes. With this in mind, we specifically shaped our O2Star face mask to minimise overtightening while providing an effective seal. Its light-weight design and in general wider, elastic head strap enable a stable positioning on your patient’s face. The head straps are reinforced at the ends, so as to minimise the risk of it being pulled through the mask. They are available in two sizes - small (S) and medium/large (M/L).​

Additional products for your oxygen therapy

No matter which therapy you prescribe for your patient’s well-being, our O2Star product portfolio includes accessories and consumables for every need. So as to deliver uninterrupted therapy, we also offer our Venturi mask kits with a single adjustable valve. This kit is available in both S and M/L sizes. To complete and complement our product portfolio, we additionally offer face tents and tracheostomy masks, also in two sizes (S and M/L). To provide a secure connection to oxygen tubes or breathing circuits, extra accessories such as oxygen tubes and various connectors are also available.​


Equipped with a light-weight, transparent packaging bag, it’s marked and designed for fast and easy opening. All materials are heat resistant and the complete portfolio is entirely phthalate-free. Additionally, our oxygen face masks are also completely PVC-free. Moreover, for patient and staff safety, none of the O2Star products contains natural rubber.​

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O2Star Product Information, en


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Accessory Catalogue 2024, en


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IFU O2 Star - Non-rebreather/medium-concentration oxygen mask 9053887 ME

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