Pods and related acc. (Multimed plus & Multimed plus OR) Patient Monitoring Accessories

Pods and related acc. (Multimed plus & Multimed plus OR)


Pods and related acc. (Multimed plus & Multimed plus OR)

​The Infinity® MultiMed plus and plus OR cables combine ECG, pulse oximetry and temperature monitoring into a single lightweight package – reducing cable clutter at the point of care.

MultiMed plus and MultiMed plus OR

​Both cables support Infinity patient monitors and are compatible with bedside and patient-worn monitoring accessories. MultiMed plus and MultiMed plus OR cables are durable, easy to use, and help facilitate more efficient patient transport. For the Intensive Care environment, the MultiMed plus provides 3, 5 and 6-lead capability and can be used with our convenient MonoLeads® or traditional ECG-lead set. 
For the OR, the MultiMed plus OR provides 3, 5 and 6-lead capability, plus an integrated electro surgical unit (ESU) filter that helps to eliminate High Frequency surgery artifacts for improved reliability and reduced weight.

  • Lets you standardize on one ECG cable system for patient monitors, Infinity TruST® Telemetry* and Infinity M300.
  • Supports 3, 5 and 6-lead ECG configurations 
* MonoLead is not compatible with InfinityTruST Telemetry.

Standardize on one ECG-cable connection

​With the new MultiMed plus and MultiMed plus OR cable, you can use the same ECG leads for OR, intensive care, and telemetry. The single-plug connection lets you quickly and easily swap out ECG-leads between MultiMed plus/MultiMed plus OR, TruST Telemetry and the Infinity M300, saving valuable time during patient transfer. In addition, the durable single-pin design helps ensure long life and reliable, positive connection.

Integrated ESU filter within MultiMed plus OR

​Eliminate the need for separate ESU filters when connecting the ECG cables to remove HF surgery artifacts.

Now, Dräger offers a single integrated solution that reduces weight and increases efficiency while simplifying processes.

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