Savina® 300

The Dräger Savina® 300 combines the independence and power of a turbine-driven ventilation system with state-of-the-art ventilation modes. The large color touch screen and intuitive operating system that concentrates on essential features make configuration and operation very simple.


  • Intuitive for simple operation and quick configuration
  • Dräger-wide standardized user interface provides confidence in use and reduces training time
  • Quick operational readiness with an automatic device check
  • Intelligent alarm handling for a quick response to patient alarm situations
  • Smooth and sealed surfaces for easy cleaning and disinfection

High ventilation performance

  • Huge range of ventilation modes (e.g. PC-APRV, VC-MMV, AutoFlow)
  • Stress-free spontaneous breathing with excellent trigger response time thanks to the turbine
  • Free breathing with AutoFlow in volume constant ventilation at a minimum pressure level
  • Advanced non-invasive ventilation (NIV)
  • Extended graphic capabilities with loops, trends and logbook
  • Pediatric ventilation with enhanced trigger detection and low tidal volumes down to 20 mL

AutoFlow® – Trademark by Dräger

Independent from gas and power supply

  • Built-in-turbine with rapid response time, continuous high flow delivery of up to 250 l/min
  • Five hours of independent ventilation due to built-in and external batteries
  • Transport Supply Unit (TSU) can be quickly attached for ergonomic handling of gas cylinders
  • Bed coupling for quick connection between ventilator and patient bed
  • Low Pressure Oxygen (LPO) inlet for ventilation without central gas supply

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Options for spontaneous breathing
Options for spontaneous breathing


Savina 300 Product Information, en
Savina 300 Product Information, en


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Curves and Loops in Mechanical Ventilation Booklet, en

by Frank Rittner and Martin Döring


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Savina 300 Online Product Trainer
Savina 300 SW 5.n Online Product Trainer

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