Temperature Monitoring Accessories Patient Monitoring Accessories

Temperature Monitoring Accessories


Temperature Monitoring Accessories

Dräger offers a wide selection of single patient use and reusable skin-temperature probes for adults and children. We also offer optional corresponding adapters that are compatible with the temperature connection cables of other patient monitors to standardise your workflow.

Dräger one-stop shop for temperature probes

The Dräger temperature probe portfolio supports you in your daily work by:

  • standardising the temperature probes at your hospital
  • combining purchasing orders and reducing process costs
  • increasing protection against infections and the reduction of treatment costs via single patient use temperature probes
  • testing and validating accessories

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Single-patient use temperature probes Product Information, en
Single-patient use temperature probes Product Information, en

In order to complement our existing portfolio of reusable temperature probes, Dräger has developed high-quality temperature probes for singlepatient use. These will help reduce the risk of nosocomial infections, thereby supporting hospital guidelines for hygiene. Furthermore the costs involved with treatment of such nosocomial infections can be reduced.


Brochure: Tcore™ Temperature Monitoring System (PDF)
Brochure: Tcore Temperature Monitoring System (PDF)


IFU Skin Temperature Probe 9052800 ME
IFU Skin Temperature Probe 9052800 ME

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IFU Temperature Probes - General Purpose Temperature Probe 9052933 ME

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