GasSecure GS01

​​Truly wireless, the GasSecure GS01 combines single-beam triple-wavelength infrared (IR) technology with extremely low power consumption, to provide fast hydrocarbon gas detection in the most demanding and hazardous of settings. The GS01 creates value for the customer with dramatically reduced installation cost and time, reliable infrared operation, and calibration-free design.

Bežični detektor zapaljivih plinova

  • ​Senzor: infracrveni senzor
  • Instalacija: intrinzična sigurnost
  • Sučelje: bežično 
  • Stupanj zaštite IP: IP 66/67 i SIL
  • Posebno: s napajanjem

GS01 wireless gas detector

​​GasSecure offers the world’s first truly wireless IR gas detector for demanding industrial applications. The GS01 is used to detect the presence of hydrocarbon gases and warn operators of the risk of fire or explosion. Its ultra-low power design and small integrated battery pack enables up to two years of continuous operation.* Customers have seen up to 60 – 80% savings on total project costs because of dramatically reduced installation cost and time. The wireless communication is based on the open ISA100 Wireless standard – which means simplified integration with other commercially available field wireless devices.


  • ​​Truly wireless, no cables
  • No recalibration required
  • Fail-safe IR detection with triple wavelength including heated optics
  • Suitable for SIL 2 systems – 3rd party verification of detector and wireless communication for safety applications
  • Fast gas detection response of ≤5 seconds
  • Hazardous area intrinsically safe design
  • Low power, lightweight gas detector with intrinsically safe field replaceable battery pack
  • Up to 2 years battery life*
*depending on environmental conditions


  • ​​Significant cost and time savings when compared to wired detection system
  • No cabling means hugely improved installation flexibility
  • Reduced maintenance overheads due to lifetime calibration
  • Easily transferrable between projects (eg. shutdowns, maintenance)
  • No sensor drift due to lifetime calibration – therefore no false alarming
  • Rapid response times mean early warning and increased plant safety


  • ​Oil & gas production platforms
  • Oil & gas exploration rigs
  • Storage tank farms
  • Shutdown and end of life operations ‒ Petrochemical plants & refineries
  • Gas terminals & processing plants ‒ FPSO / FLNG vessels


​​Infrared sensor technology is taken to the next level using patented MEMS (Micro Electromechanical System) optical filters. The device filters, focuses and switches light continuously, thereby establishing the gas and reference measurement. GS01 technology achieves fast and ultra-low power operation with life-long zero point stability. The innovative hardware design is supported by GasSecure’s patented SafeWireless communication system that meets the requirements of reliability, fast response times, availability and power efficiency – all with full control of network traffic.


Wireless solutions brochure, hr
Wireless solutions brochure, hr


Tehnički podaci

Ključni podaci

Bežični detektor
Vrijeme odziva
<= 5 sekundi
Uvodnica za kabele
Intrinzična sigurnost
Povećana sigurnost
✓ SIL 2 (IEC 61508-1-3)
4 – 20 mA

Tehnički podaci

Litij-tionil-kloridna baterija
Temperatura (rad)
-30°C - 55°C
Od 0 do 100 % relativne vlažnosti
Dimenzije (V x Š x D)
0,11x0,3x0,17 m
6,17 lb
Materijal kućišta
Stupanj zaštite (klasa IP)


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