Disinfection Equipment

​The disinfection fluid is a safe, effective and easily applied product that keeps the drinking water in good condition. It is especially intended for disinfecting drinking water in tanks and piping. Available in 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25 liter cannisters.


  • ​it is easily stored
  • it has a very long life: at least 18 months under normal conditions (t=25˚C) and at least three years if stored cool (t=<6˚C)
  • starts disinfecting immediately


​The fluid is ready for immediate use as delivered. Because it is a very pure, stable and safe product, it facilitates swift and accurate dosing. As it is a liquid product it mixes quickly and easily with water.It can be dosed manually and automatically by use of a dosing unit. Next to continuous dosing, 

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