First Aid Equipment

First aid equipment is used when a person is injured or suddenly becomes ill. Diphoterine sterilize products, an oxygen resuscitator, a first aid kit and a thermal protective blanket are part of the first aid equipment offered by Dräger Marine & Offshore.

Diphoterine sterilize products

​Diphoterine deactivates and eliminates the aggressive product. It is a composition of an absorbent material which immediatly reacts to the the hazardous liquid chemicals, and then drains away. The residues formed in this way are not corrosive, and are naturally removed.

Oxygen resuscitator

​The Dräger Acute 2003 is a complete, quick-to-use resuscitation unit which will be of equal interest in emergency services, general practitioners and hospital personnel. The device concept drew on experience from all areas. The pack contains everything emergency ventilation requires - the main component is a 2.5 L oxygen cylinder equipped with an Alduk I compact pressure reducer. This features two 5 bar outlets and an inhalation nipple which is adjustable in steps between 0-15 L/min using the flow regulator.

First aid kit

​First Aid Kit comes in plastic container. Container fitted with wall bracket. First aid kit container is suitable for mechanical workshops. 

Thermal protection blanket

​Protection of people against rain, wind and cold to prevent hypothermia.

Fire blanket

​A fire blanket is designed to smother a fire by cutting off its oxygen supply. The fire blanket is placed in a plastic wall container. Available in various sizes.

Service and support

​Dräger offers 24/7 service and support, including full certification on all Dräger and non-Dräger products. Contact us for more details.

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