Movable Powder extinguishers

​Wheeled extinguishers are designed for professional use under servere circumstances, resulting in a high level of quality and ease of use. Ease of mobility is achieved as a result of the large wheels with solid rubber tyres and push bar also ensuring good stability during operation. Movable powder extinguishers cover type A, B and C fires.

Service and support

Dräger offers 24/7 service and support, including full certification on all Dräger and non-Dräger products. Contact us for more details.

Applications for the marine, inland shipping and offshore market

  • engine rooms
  • deck rooms
  • heli decks
  • car decks


  • suitable placing of supporting handle, axis and supporting roll guarantees an optimal center of gravity of the apparatus as well as a good mobility
  • easy-running, solid tyred steel wheels
  • quick readiness for use and space-saving by placing the hose around the powder container
  • 5 meter high pressure hose with textile insert
  • interruptable extinguishing pistol enables a dosed fire fighting
  • painted inside

Special features for 25 kgs extinguishers

  • quality stoved-enamel lacquer

Special features for 50 kgs extinguishers

  • with the mark "GS"=tested security
  • can be used at low temperatures (-30°C)
  • very mobile and easy to operate


Powder Wheeled Extinguisher ABC Product Information, en
Powder Wheeled Extinguisher ABC Product Information, en


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