Personal Rescue Communications

​A Man Over Board PLB and a Electronic Distress Flare are devices that can alert your crew or other nearby vessels in case of an emergency.

Man Over Board (MOB) personal locator device

​To improve the safety on board a personal locater device can alert your crew or a vessel closeby, to a man overboard. In emergency situation a MOB rapidly communicates your location back to the vessel and provides visual indication. A MOB can be fitted into the life jacket.

Electronic Distress Flare

​The Electronic Distress Flare is a hand-held, reusable signaling device that is suitable for a wide range of activities in the marine world. It can easily be fitted in life jacket or in a grab bag.

Service & support

​Dräger offers 24/7 service and support, including full certification on all Dräger and non-Dräger products. Contact us for more details.

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