Portable Foam extinguishers

​​The Dräger foam extinguisher is a multipurpose fire extinguisher that can be used in burning liquids and solids. The Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) additive is a blend of perfluorinated and hydrocarbon surfactants. It enables the formation of an aqueous film capable of spreading on the surface of burning fuels, which prevents vapour production and seals the surface from oxygen. Foam extinguishers cover type A and B fires.

Service and support

Dräger offers 24/7 service and support, including full certification on all Dräger and non-Dräger products. Contact us for more details.

Applications for the marine, inland shipping and offshore market

  • engine rooms
  • accommodation rooms


  • diecast zinc colour coded headcap
  • large neck ring enables servicing and refilling to be conducted with ease
  • high extinguishing efficiency
  • allows intermittent and repeated operation
  • designed with an aluminium alloy head with an overpressure mechanical safety valve
  • equipped with a rechargeable internal pressure cartridge
  • an AFFF charge is enclosed in a seperate internal cartridge, that instantly mixes with the water only at operation
  • internally coated with special protective polymer lining, affording full protection against corrosion
  • operated with a high pressure rubber hose and pistol for high maneuverability and control
  • heat and electricity-isolated operation pistol and corrosion-proof base
  • high quality surface treatment and red polyester coating
  • to be used with a special marine wall bracket (not included)
  • suitable for electrical equipment up to 1000 V, at minimum distance of 1 meter


Foam Extinguisher AB (cartridge) Product Information, en
Foam Extinguisher AB (cartridge) Product Information, en


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