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Dräger Air Guard 6500/6700

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Dräger Air Guard 6500/6700

With the Dräger Air Guard 6500/6700, you can monitor the purity of breathing air while refilling compressed gas cylinders. The device continually monitors the humidity and oil-content of breathing air. Plus, you can check concentrations of up to four gases. The breathing air is monitored in accordance with DIN EN 12021:2014 specifications.

Safety as standard

The Dräger Air Guard 6500/6700 meets the standards of 'Compressed Gases for Breathing Apparatus' (DIN EN 12021:2014). It continually monitors the concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), humidity and oil in the breathing air used to fill the compressed cylinders. The Air Guard 6700 also allows you to use an additional sensor, such as a hydrogen sulfide (H2S) detector.
The Dräger Air Guard 6500/6700 can be used as either a high-pressure (HP) or low-pressure (LP) system.

Reliable, accurate detection

To detect gases, the Air Guard 6500/6700 uses proven sensor technology from Dräger. CO, O2and H2S are measured using electrochemical sensors, while CO2 is monitored using an infrared sensor. These are capable of detecting even low gas concentrations. Oil-content is monitored using a specially developed PID sensor. A humidity sensor completes the detection technology.

Clear display and precise documentation

You can read the current test values from the display or follow the progress via a web server. Under certain conditions, you can be automatically notified by e-mail in the event of a malfunction or alarm. All measurements are saved in the Air Guard with a time stamp.

Reliable countermeasures

For all substances being monitored, limit values have been defined in accordance with DIN EN 12021:2014. If these values are exceeded, the Air Guard 6500/6700 alerts you and switches off the compressor. You also have the option to set a pre-alarm. If concentrations approach the limit value, an automatic pre-alarm is triggered. This allows you to deploy countermeasures at an early stage and resolve possible issues.

Low maintenance

The gas sensors only need to be checked every six months and only need to be replaced in the event of defects. This means you have relatively long maintenance intervals. The maintenance and exchange of oil and humidity sensors is also relatively quick and economical.

Integration into your filling system

The Air Guard 6500/6700 is a worthy addition to your filling system for breathing air. Thanks to its compact, self-contained construction, it can even be integrated into existing systems. It can be connected to compressors with an operating pressure of up to 420 bar. A second pressure regulator is required for installation.


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