Colour Line

Put the healing power of color to work for you and your patients. Choose from a carefully selected line of colour faceplate combinations for Dräger ceiling and wall supply units, columns and heads – or create your very own colour pallet.

Colour can help you heal

​Studies1 have shown that colors can have a major impact on patient physiology and well-being. By carefully choosing the colours on your care area, you can positively influence the course of therapy. Dräger Colour Line faceplates give your ward a fresh, new image. More than just good looks, Colour Line can help you reduce patient stress levels and promote a sense of well-being.

1Claudia Schumm, Feng Shui im Krankenhaus / Healing Rooms in Hospitals, Springer, 2004

A positive effect on everyone

​Although Dräger Colour Line was designed to help your patients feel better and recover faster, it can actually do even more. Your staff will also benefit from the effects of colour and may work more efficiently and with less stress. Visitors will also appreciate the positive, comfortable atmosphere you create – a real plus for your hospital’s image.

The freedom of choice

​With Dräger Colour Line, you have your choice. You can assemble your own pallet of RAL colours to match the design and feel of your care area, or choose one of several set combinations, painstakingly selected by our team of colour experts using the latest scientific results. By combining our classical, natural, Mediterranean, and children’s colours with corresponding room tones, Dräger design specialists can help you create the atmosphere you need to make your patients feel comfortable.

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