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Dräger Device Utilization Analytics

Improve the security, performance, and uptime of your networked medical device fleet with Device Utilization Analytics. The solution consolidates relevant information about the utilisation of your networked devices. This enables you to easily monitor device status in near real-time, review historical utilisation information and check the current software status of your Dräger medical devices.

Increased uptime of medical devices and infrastructure

Any delay in patient care can negatively impact the patient's outcome. Hence, having a well-maintained, connected network infrastructure contributes to your machine uptime and clinical outcomes. With Dräger Device Utilization Analytics, you can identify which devices are most and least used, or even left unused. Device Utilization Analytics helps you balance how and when you use your devices, ensuring long life and reliable performance. 

  • ‘Average device usage’ report: Shows the proportion of time for each mode of operation for the devices (in use, on standby, or other status) for a selected period of time.
  • ‘Most-used devices’ report: Lists the devices in descending order of total operating hours.
  • ‘Device age vs. operating time’ report: Visualises the operating hours of devices compared to their date of manufacture.
  • ‘Device data upload’ report: Provides an overview of which devices have not sent data for a longer time.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Whether you need data from a specific hospital department or the entire hospital, with Device Utilization Analytics you can access comprehensive information about your equipment to easily gain insight for troubleshooting and asset management.

  • Device list: Access technical information quickly and easily about connected devices, such as IP addresses, product software versions, installed software options, operating status and more.
  • Filter by different departments and patient rooms, hospital-wide, product category, or specific product to access the information you need.
  • Export the data as an .xlsx file.

Improved asset management opportunities

Device Utilization Analytics is your central point of access to manage connected Dräger medical devices and up-to-date asset information. By viewing utilisation, activity and availability, you can easily identify opportunities to improve fleet utilisation and support future purchasing or rental decisions.

  • Dashboard: Insight into the utilisation, activity and availability of your connected Dräger medical devices in an easy-to-grasp overview.
  • ‘Total devices’ report: Provides an overview of all connected Dräger devices.
  • Multi-site management: Centrally manage devices from multiple hospitals from one account. Switch between different hospital sites to view local device insights and fleet reports.

Supports to keep medical devices secure

To bolster cybersecurity defences as well as monitor software status levels, Dräger's Device Utilization Analytics keeps you well informed—24/7. It improves the hospital-wide transparency of installed medical device software versions, helping you to keep assets up to date and avoid preventable security vulnerabilities.

  • ‘Used software versions’ report: Shows installed product software versions by product type, allowing you to identify current software status.

High level of data security

The Dräger Connect cloud solution is designed with security and data privacy in mind. Device data is transferred, collected and analysed. The data is encrypted and sent securely from the ServiceConnect® Gateway installed on the hospital network to a high security cloud storage. Authorised users can access Dräger Connect services from desktop PCs or mobile devices via a secure connection to the cloud server.

Accessible on Dräger Connect: Our central platform for your digital health services

In addition to Device Utilization Analytics, Dräger Connect also equips you with dashboards for analysing your protective ventilation strategies, OR readiness, anaesthesia efficiency and clinical alarm management (additional subscriptions required).


Product Information: Device Utilization Analytics (PDF)
Product Information: Device Utilization Analytics (PDF)


Brochure: Hospital Data Analytics (PDF)
Brochure: Hospital Data Analytics (PDF)

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