Drying cabinets

Short drying times, easy loading: Dräger drying cabinets for respiratory masks and respiratory protection components are functional and economic.

Stainless steel housing

Dräger drying cabinets are noted by their high quality materials and workmanship. Their inner and outer housing is made from chrome nickel steel with an insulated drying chamber.

Desktop equipment

The desktop model of the drying cabinet has 2, 4 or 6 baskets to accept 12, 24 or 36 respiratory masks or rebreather components. A drip tray to collect the residual liquid is included as standard.

Low maintenance

The drying cabinets are extremely robust and low in maintenance.

Short drying times

The heating features a powerful radial fan and thus provides short drying times.

Free-standing equipment

The drying cabinet versions MTS 8 and 10 are free-standing models with 8 or 10 baskets to accept 72 or 90 respiratory masks or rebreather components. Due to the large basket the masks can be placed upright in the baskets.


Drying cabinets Product Information, en
Drying cabinets Product Information, en


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