Linea Living

With its timeless design and versatile lighting options, Linea Living is the all-purpose solution for lighting and media supply in the patient‘s room.

Solutions for you and your patients

Design your daily work processes more efficiently while also boosting the feel-good factor for your patients, visitors and staff. That is the goal of Linea Living and of our entire range of high-performance wall supply units.
The products in this range can be flexibly adapted to your existing infrastructure and are highly compatible with one another. Their high degree of versatility gives you the freedom to create designs from purely functional to design-optimised.

Flexible lighting concepts

Linea Living provides glare-free light with high illuminance and offers excellent colour rendering and light distribution. A variety of light options (indirect room lights, reading lights or night lights) are available in various versions (colour temperature and light intensity) for the comfort and safety of both patients and staff.

For a wide range of applications

Linea Living can be used in many different ways. Such as an independent and comprehensive medical supply unit in care and rehabilitation wards or as an additional lighting unit, for example in combination with a Linea Vertica in an intensive care unit. The modular design of Linea Living ensures it is always the first choice.

Sleek, functional design

Linea Living consists of robust extruded aluminium profiles with rounded edges and perfectly integrated outlets for maximum safety, ease of cleaning and hygiene. At the same time it offers a range of outlet options, providing good access to gas, electrical and data terminals. Optionally, an equipment rail can be added for attaching medical equipment. Thanks to the free choice of different lengths, Linea Living is suitable for single bed as well as multiple-bed configurations.

Wide range of design options

Colours can enhance the well-being of patients and thereby promote the healing process whilst also creating a positive working environment for clinical staff. The housings and equipment panels are available in 17 standard RAL colours as well as various modern wood finishes. The slim, unobtrusive profile of Linea Living enables it to blend in with existing interior designs and colour schemes.

Easy installation and maintenance

​The smart installation design makes installation and connection easier than ever. That makes Linea Living particularly well-suited for upgrading existing installations. Its innovative construction and modern LED technology make it very low-maintenance.


Linea Living Product Information, en
Linea Living Product Information, en


IFU Linea Living - doc1222 no
IFU Linea Living - doc1222 no


Planning Document IC, en
Planning Document IC, en


Wall Supply Units Brochure, en

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