Linea Vertica

​Practical wall supply unit that can be customised to match your workplace layout. The modern look and wide range of design and illumination options provide a patient-friendly atmosphere even for the most demanding care situations.

Solutions for you and your patients

​Dräger‘s Linea Vertica wall supply unit is a member of the Linea product family. It is designed to make routine work more efficient whilst enhancing the feel-good factor for patients (healing environment), visitors and staff. The main features of this product family are that the products can be fully adapted to the existing infrastructure, there are a wide range of designs available and the products and accessories are all compatible with one another.

Highly customisable

​The Linea Vertica can be equipped in many different ways, it can be combined with equipment holders and can accommodate special outlets and gas terminal units. This makes it a real all-rounder. From demanding care situations to specialised areas – this wall supply unit is truly impressive wherever it is used.

Combining function and design

​Gas and power outlets can be ergonomically positioned in the service plates down the sides. Gas terminal units and electrical outlets can also be integrated into the front plate. The wide range of outlet options make the Linea Vertica suitable for supplying either one or two beds. Equipment rails or 38 mm poles can be arranged as required to accommodate medical devices according to the demands of the workplace. The Linea Vertica can be supplied in any desired height between one and four metres. The elegant design and perfectly integrated media terminals ensure maximum safety, ease of cleaning and hygiene.

Modern design

​The Linea Vertica was designed for demanding care requirements whilst at the same time creating a modern and friendly overall impression. Colours can enhance the well-being of patients and thereby promote the healing process and create a positive environment for clinical staff. The faceplate is available in a wide range of wood decors; and for the side service plates, a range of RAL colours are available. The Linea Vertica can be integrated into an existing interior design concept or provide its own unique ambience.

Additional illumination concepts

​The Linea Vertica can be equipped with a night light or combined with an external illumination unit (such as a Linea Living) to provide a more extensive range of lighting options. This makes a wide range of optional illumination options available (indirect illumination, fixed or movable reading light and night light).


Linea Vertica Product Information, en
Linea Vertica Product Information, en


IFU Linea Vertica - doc1240 no
IFU Linea Vertica - doc1240 no


Planning Document IC, en
Planning Document IC, en


Wall Supply Units Brochure, en

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