Dräger MFC 7000

​The Dräger MFC 7000 is the fully automatic solution for preparation respiratory protective equipment and chemical protective suits after use. In a single operation, used equipment is safely cleaned, disinfected and dried in the multi-function cabin, protecting the material. Thus, the personal protective equipment (PPE) is ready for use again within a very short time.

Fully automatic preparation in one operation

​In conventional preparation processes for personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning and disinfection take place separately from drying. In the MFC 7000, these steps are carried out fully automatically. Once the unit has been equipped, no further intervention by the operator is required. The completely dried equipment is ready for testing immediately after removal.

Reliable result and safe process

​The preparation process in the MFC 7000 takes place fully automatically according to a tested procedure and thus delivers consistent, hygienic results. The spray nozzles mounted on all sides achieve an even cleaning result. An integrated door lock and the permanent monitoring of relevant process parameters ensure safe preparation. At the same time, the contact of the operating personnel with cleaning and disinfecting agents is reliably avoided.

Simple operation and high throughput for optimum workflows

​The MFC 7000 can be loaded quickly and without tools. From loading to removal of the cleaned and dried equipment, the complete preparation process in the multifunction cabin is completed in less than two hours. These short program runtimes enable continuous work without peak times and idle times. The processes in the respiratory protection workshop can thus be significantly optimised and the deployment of personnel reduced.

Black and white principle for a clean respiratory protection workshop

​The MFC 7000 allows black-white-separation by an optional second door to protect against contamination in the building and for the safety of workshop personnel. Set up in a wall opening, the multi-function cabin functions as a lock to meet the requirements of DIN 14092-7 and DGUV 205-008.

Flexible use

​A major advantage of the MFC 7000 is its flexibility. No cost-intensive or difficult to install rigid ceiling rails are required for the loading of the wash items. Instead, the multifunction cabin is loaded via various racks that can be moved freely in the respiratory protection workshop. The MFC 7000 is available in a number of different versions. The machine can either be recessed into the floor or installed on top. The setup, embedded in a pit, allows the machine to be entered at ground level with a rack trolley. If the MFC 7000 is installed on the floor, an entry ramp is required. The technical cabinet of the MFC 7000 can be installed either on the left or right side. In front of the technical cabinet, 610 mm of space must be kept free as a maintenance aisle.

Rack trolley for fully automatic cleaning, disinfection and drying of PPE

The height-adjustable CPS rack allows you to hang different types and sizes of chemical protective suits (CPS) in an ergonomically optimal way. The mask rack can hold up to 30 masks of different types and sizes without adapters or tools. In individually assigned small parts baskets, e.g. inhalation valves and diaphragms can be prepared separately. The rack can be rotated and is motor-driven. This way, the items to be washed are cleaned from all sides, disinfected and dried quickly. With the combination rack, in addition to 20 masks, 20 lung demand valves can also be washed in the MFC 7000. These are picked up with quick-release fasteners. The compressed air breathing apparatus and helmet rack offers you the possibility to prepare up to twelve fire brigade helmets (HPS 4X00, HPS 7000) in addition to six compressed air breathing apparatus (SCBA). In addition, other PPE (depending on the product release) can also be reprocessed. Cleaning under pressure (with bottles or mini-bottles) prevents washing solution from entering the pneumatics of the compressed air breathing apparatus. Three rotating nozzle arms ensure optimal cleaning and minimise spray shadows. All rack trolleys are made of edged stainless steel and are flexibly manoeuvrable by means of swivel castors.

Energy-efficient and cost-effective in operation

The cabin construction of aluminium sandwich panels with integrated insulation layer ensures that the operating temperature of the system is reached very quickly. For drying, air is sucked in from inside the cabin and circulated according to the circulation principle, which results in a very low heat outlet to the outside. The optional hot water connection for the MFC 7000 allows temperature-controlled filling of the tub and thus shorter program run times, as the washing water does not have to be heated up in the machine first.

Free water outlet

​Thanks to a softener and system separator as well as the existing free water outlet, the MFC 7000 ensures fresh water conformity for category 5 liquids in accordance with the current German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) and DIN EN 1717.

Optional additions

​The optionally integrated water softener produces soft water and can be used up to 65 °C water inlet temperature. The softening system improves the cleaning result with hard water and prevents limescales. An additional dosing pump can be installed in the MFC 7000 for dosing an additional cleaning agent or disinfectant. The chemical protection suit (CPS) can be attached with the boots to the holder of the optional height-adjustable loading aid and pulled up. This makes it easier to insert the inner rack and the loading of the CPS rack trolley is considerably simplified.

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