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Mobile L&W Breathing Air Compressors

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Mobile L&W Breathing Air Compressors

​The mobile L&W breathing air compressors generate air delivery rates between 100 and 300 l/m. The different types of drive and the low weight enable flexible use independent of the ambient conditions.

Since 1980, the company Lenhardt & Wagner has developed into one of the leading manufacturers for high-pressure applications. The models are characterised above all by their high reliability and quality and are thus a solution for every sector in which breathing air cylinders have to be filled, such as fire brigades, diving and industry.

LW 100 – 100 l/min

​The models of the LW 100 series are characterised by a lightweight design and reliability. The stainless steel frame and the painting of the compressor block provide additional robustness and seawater resistance. The three different drives provide a solution for all requirements, including marine and diving applications.

Delivery capacity: 100 l/min

Type of drive: Alternating current, three-phase current, petrol

Weight: approx. 43 kg

LW 300-D MC – 300 l/min

​The LW 300-D MC was developed for locations with limited space and is ideal for diving schools, boats and ships. It is characterised by a high delivery performance with compact dimensions. The robust diesel drive stands out in this delivery class. The light aluminium frame and the space-saving design allow mobile use.

Delivery capacity: 300 l/min

Type of drive: diesel

Weight: approx. 195 kg

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