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Dräger OR Companion

​Check the live status of your operating rooms and support an effective management of the OR department with the OR Companion. Upgrade the solution with the Self-Test Tracker option to streamline staff workflows for the daily anaesthesia system test procedure, protect patients and achieve a high uptime of anaesthesia workstations.

Status information on your induction and operating rooms

​The OR Companion provides you with workflow support for the management and readiness of your operating rooms. The software allows you to view status information of all networked Perseus® A500 and Atlan® family anaesthesia machines across the hospital.

  • Receive a dashboard with all induction and operating rooms of your hospital and the equipped anaesthesia devices per room. 
  • View the status of each anaesthesia device indicated as online, offline or in use. 
  • Check the runtime of all operating rooms in use based on live data.

System test insights with Self-Test Tracker (Optional add-on)

​Compliance with the recommendations for daily system test procedures helps to protect patients by putting devices in a safe operating condition and thus preventing adverse events during anaesthesia.[1],[2] The centralised overview of system test results in the Self-Test Tracker allows you to confirm that all system tests have been completed successfully and that procedures can start safely and exactly whenever planned. 

The Self-Test Tracker functionality supports high uptime and safe operation of anaesthesia workstations.

  • Automates important steps of the system test procedure: With the unique Auto On function of our Perseus® A500 and Atlan® family* workstations, the system tests can be initiated automatically at a preconfigured time and will already be completed when staff enter the OR department in the morning. With a glance at the Self-Test Tracker from anywhere within the hospital, staff are informed about the operational readiness of the anaesthesia machines and can, in case of complications, quickly shift their focus to troubleshooting.
  • Enables fast troubleshooting to reduce downtime: Operating rooms contribute strongly to the financial success of a hospital and operating room downtime, for example because devices are inoperable, results in financial losses.[3] In case an anaesthesia machine system tests isn’t completed successfully, the Self-Test Tracker acts as an assistance system and immediately provides staff with error information and troubleshooting steps. 
  • Supports a secure operation: Gas leakage values are shown per anaesthesia machine to indicate the secure operation of a device. 
  • Enhanced fleet management opportunities: The software provides staff with insights to the runtime and system test history of a connected anaesthesia device which increases transparency on the device’s performance.

* Auto On is only available for Atlan family workstation with software 2.0 or higher.

[1] Prien T. et al. (2019). Funktionsprüfung des Narkosegerätes zur Gewährleistung der Patientensicherheit – Empfehlung der Kommission für Normung und technische Sicherheit der DGAI. Anästhesiol & Intensivmed.; 2019(60), 75-83. 

[2] Mehtap S. P.; Eisenkraft J. B.; Posner K. L.; Domino K. B. (2013). Patient Injuries from Anesthesia Gas Delivery Equipment: A Closed Claims Update. Anesthesiology 119, pp. 788-795. 

[3] Girotto, J. A.; Koltz, P. F.; Drugas, G. (2010). Optimizing your operating room: Or, why large, traditional hospitals don’t work. International Journal of Surgery, 8(5), pp. 359-367.

Customisable to your individual needs

​The OR department of every hospital is unique. The dashboard of the OR Companion can be adapted to display all your operating rooms and induction rooms with their individual names and the allocated anaesthesia workstations with their individual name or serial number.

High level of data security

​The Dräger Connect cloud solution is designed with security and data privacy in mind. Device data are transferred, collected and analysed. Data is sent securely from the ServiceConnect® Gateway installed in the hospital network via a secured VPN tunnel to the Microsoft® Azure cloud storage. Authorised users can access the services of Dräger Connect from desktop PCs or mobile devices via a secured connection to the cloud server.

Accessible on Dräger Connect: Our central platform for your digital health services

Dräger Connect is your cloud-based suite of digital health services that enables the department to drive data-based decision making. Besides the OR Companion, Dräger Connect also features dashboards for the analytics of your fleet management, anaesthesia efficiency and alarm management.


Product Information: OR Companion (PDF)
Product Information: OR Companion (PDF)


Brochure: Hospital Data Analytics (PDF)
Brochure: Hospital Data Analytics (PDF)

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Fact Sheet - SaaS, en global


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