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Integrated Patient Lifting Solution

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Integrated Patient Lifting Solution

Streamline your workflow and reduce risk for everyone involved while improving the quality of care for your patients with an economical, supply unit based solution for patient lifting.

The hazards of care

Lifting patients is a necessary yet potentially hazardous ICU task. ICU staff is at risk for many types of strain-associated injuries. A steady increase in average body mass index in many parts of the world has served to complicate the issue even further. Injuries sustained while lifting patients are a major cause of caregiver disability and can reduce your efficiency through to the loss of experienced personnel.

Help from above

Many lifting systems on the market today require bulky ceiling installations and can be costly. They usually mean significant downtime for the ward. Structural or infrastructural considerations can make installation difficult if not impossible. That’s why our engineers have come up with a new answer that takes advantage of our Dräger ceiling-mounted arm supply system to create a highly flexible and ergonomic patient lifting system.

Fast and easy installation

Compatible with the Guldmann patient lifting system, a name well known in the field, our new Integrated Patient Lifting Solution lets you utilize your existing Dräger suspension capability to lift patients comfortably and safely without the need for expensive ceiling rail installations.

Easy handling

While mobile systems can be bulky and difficult to maneuver where floor space is limited, the Integrated Patient Lifting Solution uses very little space and can be quickly brought into position over the patient. Attach the appropriate Guldmann hanger, sling or lifter and you’re ready to move patients in all three dimensions.

Flexible design

Depending on your individual needs and ward design, the Integrated Patient Lifting Solution can be configured as a single arm version with lifter, a dual-arm version with lifter at the head of the bed or as a single suspension lifter at the foot of the bed.


Planning Document IC, en
Planning Document IC, en


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