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Dräger SmartPilot® View

The software visualises the complex synergies of anaesthetic drugs and predicts their effects based on pharmacodynamic modelling for both the current status and the prospective course of general anaesthesia. SmartPilot View turns abstract device data into comprehensive visual information to support the decision on more precise and patient-optimised titration of anaesthetic drugs.

Improved drug dosing

SmartPilot View is a software which calculates and predicts the combined effects of commonly used analgesic and hypnotic drugs based on population models. It can support the clinician in intraoperatively administering drugs in a patient-individualized and optimized manner what may contribute to:

  • better hemodynamic stability
  • better controlled patient condition, both during induction and during maintenance
  • avoiding over-dosage and a well-managed recovery (faster awakening) to reduce risk of postoperative delirium

Decision-making support

SmartPilot View supports the decision-making by turning complex pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic calculations into an easy-to-interpret visual information:

  • displays the current anaesthesia level and hypnotic-analgesic balance (orange dot)
  • displays 20 minute prediction for the anaesthesia level (white arrow)
  • communicates with selected infusion pumps and based on the current pump rates and the vaporizer settings the "What if" function shows what effect a rate change or bolus would have
  • build-in pre-prediction ("What-if" function) for IV-pump rates and anaesthesia device settings

Improved workflow efficiency

SmartPilot View supports our workflow by:

  • easing the documentation of frequently performed user interventions in the logfiles over the entire surgical procedure via the event markers, e.g. LOC (Loss of Consciousness), Intub. (Intubation), Cut, Move, Extub. (Extubation) and Other. The event markers can be moved and deleted on the time scale at any time.
  • automatically receiving drug dosing information from Dräger anaesthesia machines and connected compatible syringe pumps to reduce the manual data entry to a minimum

Comprehensive visualisation

SmartPilot View allows the anaesthesiologist instant access to the status of anaesthesia and the administered drugs during the whole surgical procedure. Following parameters support the intuitive and fast compilation of patient status:

  • Isobole lines in 2D diagram representing areas of probability how patient will react to a defined pain stimulus, and indicating level of anaesthesia e.g. TOL 90, TOL 50, TOSS
  • history function on the 2D diagram to track the anaesthesia level from the beginning of the case
  • calculated Noxious Stimulus Response Index (NSRI) displayed as a numeric value and as trend graph
  • display of the past (40 min), present and preview (20 min) of calculated effect-site concentrations of administered hypnotics, opioids, and muscle relaxants
  • Bispectralindex (BIS) signal quality index SQI in %
  • continuity of case from induction room into main operation room

Optimised OR and PACU utilisation

SmartPilot View can contribute to optimising OR and PACU utilisation times:

  • bargraph indicator to estimate the wake-up time
  • patient-optimised drug dosing may help to reduce risk of overdosing and, hence, prolonged PACU stay

Specific features in combination with Dräger Anaesthesia Workstations

The SmartPilot View runs on medical-grade touch panel PCs* and can be combined with Dräger anaesthesia devices as e.g. Primus® family, Perseus® A500, Zeus® Infinity® Empowered and Atlan® family. These combinations can offer further workflow enhancements:

  • data transfer of measured ventilation and gas concentration values
  • "What if" function to show the calculated effect of a volatile agent setting before it is even confirmed (only in combination with Zeus IE)
  • automatic transfer of Vapor® 3000 and D-Vapor® 3000 hand dial setting as well as measured ventilation and gas concentration values (only in combination with Perseus A500 comprising VaporView functionality)
* Exception: integrated SmartPilot View option of Zeus IE runs on the main screen of the Zeus IE anaesthesia machine.


SmartPilot View Product Information, en
SmartPilot View Product Information, en


Low Flow Anaesthesia Booklet, en
Low Flow Anaesthesia Booklet, en

Low-flow, minimal-flow and metabolic-flow anaesthesia Clinical techniques for use with rebreathing systems


IFU SmartPilot View SW 3.02.n 9510901 no
IFU SmartPilot View SW 3.02.n 9510901 no


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Smarter Anaesthesia Dosing Infographic, en

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