Suma® Jade Pur-Eco L8

​Suma® Jade Pur-Eco L8 is a liquid cleaning concentrate for the chemo-thermal reprocessing of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Excellent dirt removal even in medium and hard water conditions

​The hygienic cleaning of personal protective equipment (PPE), e.g. full-face masks and breathing apparatus, requires a special cleaning and washing process. Suma® Jade Pur-Eco L8 is a machine cleaning product specially developed for excellent dirt removal even in medium and hard water conditions. It contains a blend of alkali and powerful scale control agents. This unique combination of ingredients is also suitable for use on soft metal surfaces such as aluminium.

Economic efficiency and environmental protection

​Suma® Jade Pur-Eco L8 contains only tensides based on natural plant raw materials and is fully biodegradable (according to OECD 301). The formulation is used in a low dosage to minimise the use and disposal of chemicals for the environment. Furthermore, the packaging is recyclable.

Suma® Jade Pur-Eco L8 meets the strict criteria of the Nordic Swan environmental programme. JohnsonDiversey's expertise, commitment to the environment, certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and signing of the AISE Charter for sustainable cleaning, further guarantee quality and efficacy.

Instructions for use and dosage

​Suma® Jade Pur-Eco L8 is dosed with modern, automatic Diversey dosing systems (e.g. Diversey D3000 dosing system). If available, you can also dose it with machine-integrated dosing devices. To ensure perfect cleaning results, the dosing should be adjusted by a Diversey service technician according to the conditions on site regarding water quality/hardness, contamination and machine performance. Before first use, rinse dosing pumps, lines and hoses with water to avoid possible crystallisation in the dosing system due to mixing of incompatible products.

Machine types for mechanical cleaning

​We recommend the Diversey products in spray nozzle rinsing machines (which resemble under-counter as well as hood machines), Dräger MFC 7000 and drum washing machines with max. 50 rpm. The use of the product Suma® Med Neutral is not required for drum washing machines.

The automatic washing process consists of a combination of the following elements:

  • Suma® Jade Pur-Eco L8, main detergent.
  • Suma® Med Neutral, neutralisation product in the final rinse
  • Automatic washing machine with pre-set washing programmes
  • Dosing system for automatic dosing of Suma® Jade Pur-Eco L8 and Suma® Med Neutral
  • Dosing instructions for both products

Important application note

​The respective valid Dräger instructions for use for the mechanical reprocessing of respiratory protection masks, respiratory protection equipment, etc., must be followed!

Information on safe handling and storage

  • ​Hazard statements and safety instructions can be found in the relevant safety data sheet.
  • Before changing the product, rinse the dosing system including the suction hoses sufficiently with water.
  • Store only in the original sealed container.
  • Protect from frost and heat.
  • For commercial/professional use only.


Suma Jade Pur-Eco L8 Product Information, en
Suma Jade Pur-Eco L8 Product Information, en

Suma® Jade Pur-Eco L8 is a liquid cleaning concentrate for thechemo-thermal reprocessing of personal protective equipment (PPE).


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