Dräger X-plore® 1700

Breathe cool, stay safe: Dräger X-plore® 1700 makes breathing easy and comfortable. The CoolSAFE filter material ideally combines low breathing resistance and high filter performance in one mask. And the CoolMAX valve efficiently releases humid and warm exhaled air to the outside. This makes breathing particularly easy and keeps you cool under the mask.

Mască antipraf pliată, de unică folosinţă

  • mască pliată pentru depozitare compact și transport ușor
  • disponibilă în toate cele trei clase de protecție EN (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3)

Effective protection against particles

Dräger X-plore 1700 is the new generation of particle filtering face pieces which offer effective protection against fine dusts and solids and liquid particles that are present in industry, mining, specialized trades, agriculture and services. The portfolio range offers masks for all three EN protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 in accordance with EN149:2001. Odour stopping versions utilize an additional activated carbon layer inside against unpleasant odours.

CoolSAFE filter material

The specially developed CoolSAFE filter material combines various high-performance filter media to achieve an excellent filter performance coupled with extremely low breathing resistance. In addition, the face pieces were subjected to the increased requirements of the dolomite dust test to successfully test their resistance to clogging under high dust exposure.

CoolMAX exhalation valve (optional)

Easy and comfortable breathing: Thanks to a very low breathing resistance, it is particularly easy to breathe. Additionally, the specially engineered CoolMAX exhalation valve releases humid and warm exhaled air, preventing heat build-up underneath the mask, allowing you to stay cool.

VarioFLEX head harness

This continuous loop head harness is constructed from a stable, elastic textile strap which is easy to don and doff while sitting comfortably and pressure-free. The soft, tear-proof elastic easily stretches to fit various head sizes and prevents hair entanglement.

Comfortable to wear due to soft inner layer

The inside fleece is soft and hypo-allergenic, and repels moisture thanks to its hydrophobic properties. This keeps breathing resistance low and comfort high, especially when used for longer periods of time.

Color coding for fast recognition of protection level

Fast recognition without confusion: The color coding in dark blue, light blue or white for the three protection levels provides greater security when selecting the right mask.

Folded form and hygienic individual packaging

All Dräger X-plore 1700s are flat-folded, saving space and making them easier to transport. Each facepiece is individually packed in a plastic bag, ensuring it stays clean and hygienic.

Vizualizare produs la 360 de grade

Draeger X-plore 1700 360


Filter Selection Guide, en
Filter Selection Guide, en

This brochure will give you a brief overview of the most important factors to consider when choosing filtering respiratory protection devices. This information can help you protect yourself against harmful substances in the air by selecting the appropriate masks and filters.


IFU SP X-plore Air FFP2 NR/1200/1300/1500/1700/1900 - 9300874 de-me
IFU SP X-plore Air FFP2 NR/1200/1300/1500/1700/1900 - 9300874 de-me

Aceste instrucţiuni de utilizare sunt furnizate numai în scop informativ. Vă rugăm să citiţi şi să respectaţi instrucţiunile de utilizare furnizate cu produsul.


IFU X-plore 1700 -  9021778 pl-me
IFU X-plore 1700 - 9021778 pl-me

Aceste instrucţiuni de utilizare sunt furnizate numai în scop informativ. Vă rugăm să citiţi şi să respectaţi instrucţiunile de utilizare furnizate cu produsul.


IFU X-plore Air FFP2 NR 9300887 de-me
Manufacturer Declaration
Statement on disinfection of Filtering Face Pieces
X-plore 1700 C EU-Konformitätserklärung EU Declaration of Conformity
X-plore 1700 Donning Poster, en
X-plore 1700 EU-Konformitätserklärung / EU Declaration of Conformity

Date tehnice

Aspecte esențiale

Tip de produs
Mască antipraf de unică folosință
Lucrul în medii cu pulberi
Protecție împotriva
Particule fine de praf, particule solide și lichide
Forma măștii
Pliată complet (pentru depozitare compactă și transport ușor)
Clase de protecție
Coduri de culori ale claselor de protecție
FFP1: albastru închis; FFP2: albastru deschis; FFP3: alb
✗ (max. un schimb de lucru)
Mărime universală (toate clasele de protecție)


Opțiune derulantă
Supapă de expirare
Disponibile opțional pentru toate clasele de protecție
Versiune oprire mirosuri
Disponibile opțional pentru FFP2
Benzi cu lungime reglabilă


Corp de mască
Material nețesut (CoolSAFE)
Bandă pentru cap
Bandă textilă continuă, rezistentă la rupere


EN 149:2001+A1:2009, (EU) 2016/425
AS/NZS 1716:2012
Test la pulbere de dolomită (marcaj D)

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