Globe-Trotter® GT5400

The Globe-Trotter® GT5400 is the result of Dräger’s ongoing commitment to developing a safer and more stable neonatal transport system. This system meets global standards and moves seamlessly from vehicle to vehicle – by helicopter, airplane or land ambulance. (Configurations vary.)

Controlled environment

The more controlled the environment, the safer it is for the baby. With the Globe-Trotter GT5400, all systems work together to create an environment where the infant can thrive. For example, stable thermoregulation protects the baby against sudden thermal changes and the mattress provides consistent warmth to all parts of the body. Flexible ventilation supports breathing, while an active humidity system reduces the risk of lung injury. Continuous monitoring provides the vigilance necessary to keep ahead of the baby’s needs while on transport. An optional infusion system includes 0, 2 or 4 integrated pumps and provides advanced delivery features in emergency situations.

User-centered concept

The ergonomic design of the Globe-Trotter 5400 puts all instruments at your fingertips, so you can make necessary adjustments quickly and easily. Components that are most frequently used are clustered in an easy-to-reach area and intuitive controls reduce the complexity of care. The baby compartment provides easy access to the infant if needed during transport. A built-in LED examination light lets you clearly see the infant inside poorly lit transport vehicles or during night transports. The result? The best care possible in unstable conditions.

Safety and connectivity

Built according to rigorous safety standards, the Globe-Trotter GT5400 protects the baby and transport team in unpredictable and potentially dangerous situations. An optional dampener system lessens the impact of vibration on the baby during transport. To reduce transport costs and simplify logistics, the Globe-Trotter GT5400 is designed for all types of transport – helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and ambulances. Seamless transition between air and ground vehicles reduces transport time, which supports better patient outcomes.

The Globe-Trotter GT5400 meets or exceeds the following air and ground requirements:

  • Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and Canadian Air Regulations (CAR): FAR 23/CAR 523 and FAR 29/CAR 529
  • EN 1789:2007 Medical vehicles and their equipment - road ambulances
  • EN ISO 10993-1:2009 Biological evaluation of medical devices
  • Section 7 (Operational Shocks and Crash Safety) of RTCA DO 160 Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures

One-Stop Service

To simplify the ownership experience, the Dräger team is trained to inspect and maintain all components in the system. As a result, you only need to contact one person for all service requests.


Product information: Dräger Globe-Trotter® GT5400 (PDF)
Product information: Dräger Globe-Trotter® GT5400 (PDF)


Brochure – Globe-Trotter GT5400 (PDF)
Brochure – Globe-Trotter GT5400 (PDF)


neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en
neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en

To support your ambitious work and encourage the growth of infants, we put a great deal of care and knowledge into our smart accessories and service solutions to enable optimal operation of our neonatal care devices.


IFU Compliance insert BioMed V1 doc0854 en-us-me
IFU Globe-Trotter GT5400 - Disposable Mechanical Ventilation Circuit MU19391 ME
IfU Globe-Trotter GT5400 Air/Oxygen Blender MU25473
IfU Globe-Trotter GT5400 Bio-Med Devices Infant Pneumotachograph 4409DR me
IfU Globe-Trotter GT5400 Crossvent-2i+ MU25462
IfU Globe-Trotter GT5400 Disposable Hand Ventilation Circuit MU19390 me
IfU Globe-Trotter GT5400 Microstream ETCO2 Sampling 006147M me
IfU Globe-Trotter GT5400 MU21750
IfU Globe-Trotter GT5400 Perfusor Space 3891654
IfU Globe-Trotter GT5400 Propaq LT 12057 SV
IfU Globe-Trotter GT5400 Westmed NeoPod PN74586 me
IfU SP Globe-Trotter GT5400 Disposable infant breathing circuit 20011DR me

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