Mobile solutions for CBRN detection

Identify, quantify and protect – based on this principle, the mobile Dräger solutions for CBRN detection offer a maximum of security for man and material.

System strength through components

The proven and innovative Dräger solutions from the areas of gas detection and personal protection technology help soldiers to perform their duties with a high level of safety, despite the threat of toxic and biological substances. With its equipment, Dräger relies on more than 100 years of experience as one of the innovative leaders of detection, warning and personal protection technology. In its role as general contractor, Dräger gives extensive advice to its customers and takes responsibility for a tailor-made and simultaneously economical complete solution.

Innovative CBRN protection concept

  • automatic, continuous qualified measurement of TICs and CWAs
  • rapid analysis of air and soil samples
  • innovative respiratory protection system
  • proven measurement and filter systems

Operating and reconnaissance functions

  • Collecting air and soil samples and measuring warfare agents even under difficult external conditions
  • qualitatively and quantitatively reliable results through highly sensitive sensors in the Dräger-Multi-Sensor-Box
  • Saving and visualizing measuring data in the network together with GPS-protected local information
  • Information from the base camp for troops and the civilian population in at-risk areas for potentially necessary evacuation

Dräger Multi-Sensor-System

The Dräger Multi-Sensor system offers reliable protection against CBRN threats by recognizing chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and toxic industry compunds (TICs).


Mobile solutions for CBRN detection Product Information, en
Mobile solutions for CBRN detection Product Information, en


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