SmartCare® PS – The automated weaning protocol Ventilations- och andningsövervakning inom intensivvård

SmartCare® PS – The automated weaning protocol

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SmartCare® PS – The automated weaning protocol

The option SmartCare®/PS is an automated clinical protocol, designed to stabilise the patient's spontaneous breathing in a comfortable zone of normal ventilation and to automatically reduce the ventilatory support.

Advanced analysis and recognition

​SmartCare®/ PS performs a continuous analysis of the patient’s respiratory mechanics and patterns. It actively looks for appropriate situations to challenge the patient to wean from the ventilator.

Significant reduction of ventilation times

​SmartCare®/PS has been shown to reduce weaning times by up to 40% and ventilation times by up to 33% (1. This can help improve outcome and reduce the risk of ventilator associated complications. By shortening ICU stays, SmartCare®/PS can help you reduce the cost of care.

(1 Results are based on a European Multicenter Randomized Trial with 144 patients demonstrating improved respiratory condition, with stable hemodynamic and neurologic status, and no ARDS.

Keeping patients on the road to recovery

The weaning process is constant and independent. Following configuration, the need for active changes in the ventilatory support regime by ICU personnel is greatly reduced. Your staff has more time for other important tasks while still providing high quality care. ​

Access to weaning protocol parameters

The standard weaning protocol used by SmartCare®/ PS was designed in cooperation with leading experts in the field of mechanical ventilation and weaning. The latest version of SmartCare®/PS now allows users to edit a number of protocol parameters to better suit individual needs. ​


Option SmartCare/PS Product Information, sv
Option SmartCare/PS Product Information, sv


Reference Case: Multicenter study weaning
Reference Case: Multicenter study weaning

A Multicenter Randomized Trial of Computer-driven Protocolized Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation.


Datasheet SmartCare®/PS (PDF)
Datasheet SmartCare®/PS (PDF)

SmartCare®/PS is an option for the Evita XL intensive care ventilator.


Brochure Option SmartCare® PS
CaseStudy Knowledge based weaning (PDF)
CaseStudy SmartCare®/PS knowledge based weaning system: “Relentless” (PDF)
Booklet: SmartCare®/PS - The automated weaning protocol (PDF)
Case Study: Evolution of Weaning with SmartCare
CaseStudy Patient comfort and rapid weaning with Smart Care/PS (PDF)
Nomenclature Booklet, en
Breathing Booklet, en
CO2-measurement during ventilation, Booklet, en
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