TI500 Globe-Trotter

The Dräger TI500 Globe-Trotter Neonatal Transport System combines all the technology of the Dräger TI500 Transport System with additional features for an improved level of care during transport.

Integrated ventilation support

​The Dräger TI500 Globe-Trotter Neonatal Transport System is designed to transport infants in a thermal neutral environment and also provides integrated ventilatory support. Your system can be configured with ventilation and oxygen analyzers to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Internal tank storage

Gas tanks are housed beneath the incubator in the system’s frame so they can easily be carried together with the incubator unit. Regulators, yoke fittings, and flowmeters are all built in, eliminating external tubing. ​

Front-mounted controls

In addition to the incubator controls, all ventilator, tank gauges, and gas-related controls are front-mounted for quick access and heightened visibility.

Auxiliary flow meter

​An auxiliary flowmeter is standard on the system, with an additional hand circuit to allow manual resuscitation if necessary. This enables you to ventilate twins in one incubator.

Air compressor option

Of all the leading neonatal transport systems, the TI500 Globe-Trotter is the only one that has the option of an integrated air compressor. This allows you to deliver medical-grade air, while eliminating the need to carry air tanks. ​

Other key advantages

  • Facilities for fluid delivery and vital signs monitoring
  • Strain relief blocks to prevent accidental extubation
  • Capacity for recharging auxiliary support equipment batteries
  • A choice of stands
  • Optional second battery​

360 Product View

Draeger TI500 Globe Trotter 360


neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en
neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en

To support your ambitious work and encourage the growth of infants, we put a great deal of care and knowledge into our smart accessories and service solutions to enable optimal operation of our neonatal care devices.


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IFU Compliance insert BioMed V1 doc0854 en-us-me

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