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Dräger X-am® 5800

​The X-am® 5800 multi-gas detector measures up to six gases and is equipped with a particularly shock-resistant CatEx sensor. With the Dräger Gas Detection Connect software, it offers live data transmission and powerful asset management. Designed for personal monitoring, the X-am 5800 offers you the highest level of safety at a low cost of ownership.

Powerful data analysis in the cloud

​Safety and efficiency thanks to its networking capability: Transfer your recorded data directly and conveniently via Bluetooth® to a smartphone and from there to the backend of the Gas Detection Connect software. As an alternative, you can also transfer the data directly to the cloud with the X-dock test station. This way, you have secure access to your data and its analysis at any time and from anywhere – simply via your internet browser.

Comfortable asset management

​With the X-am 5800 you can manage your fleet of equipment comfortably and efficiently in daily use. Save operating costs and time through fast tests by using the automatic test station X-dock with low gas consumption or a pure mechanical bump test station. Further advantages: powerful asset management via our smart software solution, convenient firmware updates in the X-dock, an optional RFID transponder and individual colour marking of the devices. Few, easy-to-replace spare parts – including the power supply – and sensors ensure that your devices remain operational for many years. Dräger provides a 4-year manufacturer's warranty on the basic device. Existing, compatible accessories from its predecessor, the X-am® 2500/5000/5600 can continue to be used.

Tailor-made gas monitoring

​Small and lightweight: The X-am 5800 is comfortable to wear and easy to use even with gloves on thanks to its large buttons. The display clearly shows important information such as gas readings, alarms and time. The green D-light indicates that the unit is ready for use. All this, plus the completely language-free icon based user interface, makes it pleasantly simple to use and familiarise yourself with. For your added safety, its oxygen channel has four alarm thresholds – real pre-alarms and main alarms for falling and rising concentrations. Approved for use in Ex zone 0, it has also been tested according to protection class IP 68.

Powerful sensors

​The new CatEx sensor offers you even more advantages: readiness for calibration within seconds, extreme robustness against shocks and the measurement of flammable vapours – such as petrol, diesel and nonane. You can also set the measurement gas to methane, propane, hydrogen, and many other gases. The performance is complemented by Dräger's simple cross calibration concept, in which the measurement gas, calibration gas and bump test gas can be specified individually. Upon testing, the X-am 5800 then takes over the necessary conversions. The sensor is target to meet the demanding requirements of the new IEC standard 60079-29-1 (International Electrotechnical Commission).

At the same time, the CatEx sensor is resistant to poisoning substances such as silicones and other harmful substances. This combination of properties is exceptional. With years of experience in sensor technology, Dräger develops and produces the sensors itself, including the powerful and durable electrochemical sensors in the XXS format. Your advantage: sensors and device are perfectly matched to each other – saving you operating costs. We are currently developing a durable, power-saving infrared sensor to measure flammable gases and vapours and/or carbon dioxide, as well as a photo-ionisation detector sensor for measuring volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These can be used instead of the CatEx sensor. 

Focus on sustainability

​During the development of the X-am 5800, great importance was given to sustainability. The optimised Dräger Sensors and the rechargeable power supply, which can be easily replaced with one screw, ensure it has a long service life. Almost all spare parts can be replaced by trained users, while all remaining parts can be repaired by DrägerService. Furthermore, existing accessories from the previous series can still be used. Environmental protection has also been taken into account in the technical documentation and packaging: Designed to save paper, when you order two or more units, we can reduce the number of instruction manuals supplied if you order the modular version. For your convenience, Dräger also takes back old devices and ensures that they are recycled properly.

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X-am 5800 Product Information, en
X-am 5800 Product Information, en


CC-Vision Basic 8.0.12
CC-Vision Basic 8.0.12

Release Date: 06th November, 2023


Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, en
Portable Gas Detection Portfolio brochure, en


DoC X-am 2800; X-am 5800
ATEX information (POSTER)
CC-Vision Software History, en
Dräger-Swissphone cooperation brochure
DrägerSensor & Portable Instruments Handbook (6th Edition), en
GasVision Software History, en
GasVision Version 8.0.2
IFU SP X-am 2500/2800/3500/5000/5100/5600/5800/8000 - Limited Manufacturer Guarantee - 9033743 af-me
IFU SP X-am 2800/5800 - Notes on approval - 9300308 en
IFU SP X-am 2800/5800 - Quick User Guide - 9300311 de-me
IFU SP X-am 2800/5800 - Safety Notes - 9300430 de-me
IFU X-am 2800 / 5800 - 9300428 da-me
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Dräger gas detectors can be used with different sensors to measure a large number of hazardous substances. Check which sensor fits into this detector by searching for a substance. Contact our experts to get more information.

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Technical Data

Key Facts

Measurable gases
Ex, O2, CO, H2S, NO2, SO2 + (choice out of > 30 sensors)
Number of gases
1 - 6
Personal Air Monitoring + Confined Space Entry
Sensor technology
Cat + EC

Technical Data

Operation time
Dimensions (W × H × D)
0,05x0,13x0,04 m
0,49 lb
Battery type
Degree of protection (IP class)
IP 68


Dual sensors
CatEx Fullrange
Internal pump
X-am Pump
X-zone 5500 Area Monitoring
Bump Test Station
X-dock Station


I M1 Ex da ia I Ma; II 1G Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga
Ex da ia I Ma; Ex da ia IIC T4 Ga
c CSA us
Class I Div. 1 Group A, B, C, D, E, F, G T4/T3, A/Ex da ia IIC T4/T3 /Ga
Performance approval
Shipping approval (MED/DNV GL)

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