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Helping you improve patient outcomes during the newborn’s golden hour, transport flow and NICU stay, while supporting you and the baby’s parents with training material and educational resources, is our goal.

Our neonatal care solutions enables you as caregivers to deliver life-sustaining, non-invasive, developmental care to neonates in a nurturing and supportive environment.

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ThermoMonitoring in Neonatology Booklet

What exactly is cold or heat stress? When and how does it arise and what consequences does it have for premature babies? Our booklet explains this important topic in depth and also gives practical tips on dealing with it. 


Neonatal Pathway Infographic

This infographic explains how we support hospitals along the patient pathway to provide protective therapies for the premature newborn. Our concepts and product portfolio – from the L&D to the NICU and finally to discharge – focus on providing lung and neuroprotective outcome.